When your roommate is a misguided super hero.


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  • Born Mayo
    Born Mayo2 timer siden


  • Xnazer
    Xnazer2 timer siden

    does he not know by taking away all the sharks hes destroying the whole ocean basically

  • Terry
    Terry3 timer siden

    Misguided man superhero

  • Zen Ki
    Zen Ki6 timer siden

    Alternative title: Batman if he had super powers

  • Divine Dragonslayer
    Divine Dragonslayer6 timer siden

    "To end gender inequality i killed the same amount of people on both genders"

  • Akash Krishnan
    Akash Krishnan11 timer siden

    He atmoised them

  • Algernon Aris
    Algernon Aris12 timer siden


  • M͓̽αχωєll
    M͓̽αχωєll15 timer siden


  • Seth Dupuis
    Seth Dupuis15 timer siden


  • wildcali
    wildcali15 timer siden

    guess you can say they were *popping* off

  • Omarr Burnett
    Omarr Burnett16 timer siden

    If Tetsuo was a hero

  • Yangin
    Yangin18 timer siden

    yo i read it as misgudged Lmfao

  • Aerbon
    AerbonDag siden

    sharks kill less people than falling coconuts

  • Camara Jack
    Camara JackDag siden

    So anyways I started blasting LMAO 😭

  • Real Name
    Real NameDag siden

    This is the perfect personification of the government.

  • Chase Rankin
    Chase RankinDag siden

    Lmao the "started blasting" sunny reference.

  • 1kraxy
    1kraxyDag siden

    Lolllllllllll nolocal.info/have/video/oH1miamwx7Cuw64

  • Oliversandys
    OliversandysDag siden

    Wow he deadlifted Australia cool.

  • Kevaris Reaves
    Kevaris ReavesDag siden

    Reminds me of Omni-man

  • MIKI
    MIKIDag siden

    I'm at Church watching this, and now I can't finish it cause I'm dying of laughter 😂😂

  • CheshieD
    CheshieDDag siden

    “Look it up they’re dangerous!!” Me:...... 2 people die per year to sharks but around 20 people die per year to cows... are cows next?

  • シRyder
    シRyderDag siden


  • Jyinqo Tes Luerra
    Jyinqo Tes LuerraDag siden

    Is this light's Kouhai?

  • Firechuner
    FirechunerDag siden

    LMAO sharks are keystone species, so without them--entire ecosystems (like... all/most of them) will collapse

  • OG Serpents
    OG SerpentsDag siden

    But did he pop whale sharks? They kinda chill

  • The One Lincoln
    The One Lincoln2 dager siden

    This is basically Superman in the Injustice timeline

  • Ben Eadie
    Ben Eadie2 dager siden

    “so then i realized sharks are pretty dangerous...”

  • Mateen Abbasi
    Mateen Abbasi2 dager siden

    I couldn't have summarized Death Note better myself

  • Man Kaya
    Man Kaya2 dager siden

    As the Immortal said, When in doubt, send them to space.

  • JamarcusCartoonTop10
    JamarcusCartoonTop102 dager siden

    This is pretty much the plot of the Dark Knight Rises. This that Joker boat scene logic.

  • Бэbel
    Бэbel2 dager siden


  • Dyneermi 77
    Dyneermi 772 dager siden

    After watching invincible, I really enjoyed this one.

  • Spider-Sonic Zilla
    Spider-Sonic Zilla2 dager siden

    This guy killed sharks, & is supposed to be a "hero". I'm a super villain now.

  • Slasgo
    Slasgo2 dager siden

    If Reddit had super powers

  • Lawrence Sydnor
    Lawrence Sydnor2 dager siden


  • Im Crayzee
    Im Crayzee2 dager siden


  • T D
    T D2 dager siden


  • Dreemer Child
    Dreemer Child2 dager siden

    I just realized that he’s Overhaul😂

  • Sir Maerske
    Sir Maerske2 dager siden

    I love how the first, "you did what?" sounds like his lungs filled with helium. lol

  • Said 1
    Said 12 dager siden


  • Jello
    Jello2 dager siden

    PETA as a superhero

  • Unity Prime
    Unity Prime2 dager siden

    Tell him to get rid of mosquitoes

  • E S
    E S2 dager siden

    I mean with those powers the best I could do is make trees grow 10x faster and plant more trees or something like that

  • Jurel Kirkland Films
    Jurel Kirkland Films2 dager siden

    Omni-Man talking to Invincible

  • Random Person
    Random Person2 dager siden

    Yo you and your brother should have a tv show on adult swim

  • niaa
    niaa2 dager siden

    Spiderman with Deadpool lol

  • 2Breezy rn
    2Breezy rn2 dager siden

    "I hit the corporations where it hurts *jab* ykwIm"💀💀

  • John Bell
    John Bell2 dager siden

    Deathnote Vibes

  • Lock and loaded
    Lock and loaded2 dager siden

    never thought I could agree more

  • Maximus The Explorer
    Maximus The Explorer2 dager siden

    Black Homelander

  • Round Peg
    Round Peg2 dager siden

    actually not a bad idea

  • uncivilcanine60
    uncivilcanine602 dager siden

    Peta logic

  • Hakaru Sensei
    Hakaru Sensei2 dager siden

    1:01 Till This Day I still never found out what this song was (does anyone know?)

  • Sosa's Steel Strings
    Sosa's Steel Strings2 dager siden

    this can low key be a show I would watch. But what would you called the show?

  • Aljaž Jesen
    Aljaž Jesen2 dager siden

    Psychopaths be like:

  • Flipped Matriz
    Flipped Matriz3 dager siden

    Yagami Light approves and wants to meet you

  • Chris
    Chris3 dager siden

    “I solved debt by flying all the world’s money into the sun! Who’s gonna collect something that don’t exist no more?”

  • Kodi Kilbert
    Kodi Kilbert3 dager siden


  • King zeus
    King zeus3 dager siden

    "So anyway, I started blasting" most funniest thing ever😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Ellis
    Ashley Ellis3 dager siden

    You’re amazing. #ILoveTreesToo

  • BumbleBEEman210
    BumbleBEEman2103 dager siden

    This is if Twitter Stans became super heroes.

  • 02protoman
    02protoman3 dager siden

    “So anyways I just started blasting” Mr. Devito: 🥲

  • Theory Tucker
    Theory Tucker3 dager siden

    Man make up yo mind 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jairo Antunez
    Jairo Antunez3 dager siden

    Bro this man needs his own movie lol

  • LunarSpace
    LunarSpace3 dager siden

    Atleast his intentions were good

  • Phantom x Rose
    Phantom x Rose3 dager siden


  • rice machine
    rice machine3 dager siden

    Alternate title: When your roommate gets his morals from Twitter.

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive3 dager siden

    Insert omni man

  • KytusGAME
    KytusGAME3 dager siden

    dont let him know that heart attacks kill people. he gon just destroy everyones heart *kinda like my ex*

  • Ezra Mowery
    Ezra Mowery3 dager siden

    Any psychopaths watching: 😦💡

  • Matthew McIntosh
    Matthew McIntosh3 dager siden

    ok but where do i find the rick and morty one?

  • Griffin Shorts
    Griffin Shorts3 dager siden

    So...He has the power to recreate people from basic atoms?

  • Shrek Wazzoski
    Shrek Wazzoski4 dager siden

    To stop the forest fires I killed all the trees

  • Eric Cartman982
    Eric Cartman9824 dager siden

    Always happening

  • Cordell Rush Jr.
    Cordell Rush Jr.4 dager siden

    I wasn't expecting the end part. To hell with sharks, they are very dangerous and need to be atomized or worse. Such a relief for my phobia lol

  • ember 2.0
    ember 2.04 dager siden

    "Scary stuff!"

  • Stigmergy
    Stigmergy4 dager siden

    Henry... **Henry.**

  • Yaegar
    Yaegar4 dager siden

    Wonder if Caleb forgot his password and had to wait a month here

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki4 dager siden

    Kars : eh... why here is so many Sharks ? 2 second later... "Oh i remember... that kid who take me here, maybe he do some BIZARRE thing again"

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha4 dager siden

    Not everyone in jail is a criminal some are convicted of a crime they did not do.

  • A normal Duck
    A normal Duck4 dager siden

    Wait till he finds out cows are way more dangerous than sharks

  • 31 Cxldest
    31 Cxldest5 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I can’t breathe

  • rich hartnell
    rich hartnell5 dager siden

    I want a shirt that says “stop popping creatures!”

  • Thine Kingdom
    Thine Kingdom5 dager siden

    man make up your mind, you want me to undo it and then fix it again ! 🤣😂 Hilarious!

  • Pot8Oez
    Pot8Oez5 dager siden

    Why is he so casual about it lol that made me laugh

  • Excotic gamer
    Excotic gamer5 dager siden

    “U dId wHaT”

  • khaosflare
    khaosflare6 dager siden

    That Guess shirt is lowkey tough

  • KitchenTongs
    KitchenTongs6 dager siden

    Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero

  • ViVous
    ViVous6 dager siden

    I wish I had the mind set to just solve issues but bringing them to space and make them pop

  • Alzitraz
    Alzitraz6 dager siden

    Can I talk to this guy to kill all the misquitos in the world, all the spiders in the world, all insects & bugs?

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams6 dager siden

    Spare me i couldnt stop laugh n only less than 1 min in the video

  • zq ninja
    zq ninja6 dager siden

    fact: sharks are the balance of the ecosystem, they help with balancing the fish,coral, etc if you kill them then it will be a massacer for the world

  • Tre Stafford
    Tre Stafford7 dager siden

    If omniman was polite

  • MiYute
    MiYute7 dager siden

    When your friend is so stupid That hey don’t know that sharks keep the ocean clean

  • julian brylle
    julian brylle7 dager siden


  • Eric Andre
    Eric Andre7 dager siden

    Instead of sending sharks to space, send all the people making bombs for gender reveal parties. Those people are pretty dangerous

  • Aria Scarlet
    Aria Scarlet7 dager siden

    new title: when your roommate is a mass murderer

  • Crystal Delarosa
    Crystal Delarosa7 dager siden

    So I started blasting

  • Wedding Venue 360
    Wedding Venue 3607 dager siden

    Call that the Omni man

  • SundaySunRise
    SundaySunRise7 dager siden

    Too dam funny xD