When you ACTUALLY answer a 'Scam Likely' call


I actually yelled at a scam caller to stop before and they just hung up 😠...then they called later
Oddwin - 19


  • William Wilkins-Jones
    William Wilkins-Jones3 timer siden

    0:52 bulma in the background was basically what the scam likely dude was like 🤣

  • Nolimit Shawn
    Nolimit Shawn8 timer siden

    1:11 the sound of pure darkness and bottled up rage 💀

  • Gedo Cowboy
    Gedo Cowboy11 timer siden

    I can actually imagine a good and evil caleb😭

  • Spark Says
    Spark Says20 timer siden


  • No Name
    No NameDag siden

    I hate getting them calls n lol 😆

  • Gibar Judah
    Gibar JudahDag siden

    I don't know why we can't press charges for harassing phone calls

  • master ov
    master ovDag siden

    The way the scammer was laughing cracked me up

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu NguyenDag siden

    I wait till it turns off by itself instead of declining it or answering it

  • luke.
    luke.Dag siden

    Hey honey guess what happened today?

  • Harrambou
    HarrambouDag siden

    0:57 eyyy Griffyyy

  • Sawyer Boeke
    Sawyer BoekeDag siden

    Oh so that is why my team mates always leaving mid game... that’s for the info

  • Flame of Mage
    Flame of Mage2 dager siden


  • spencer mason
    spencer mason2 dager siden

    How hard is it for the government to just make telemarketing illegal? Job would no longer exist.

  • •Cloudy Day•
    •Cloudy Day•2 dager siden

    why was the scam likely guy looking up random grass pictures...

  • Robin Nguyen
    Robin Nguyen2 dager siden

    Fun fact: I actually got a call from a scammer and just told him that he had the wrong number and then he told me to give him 6 dollars for a thing or smt and that the phone number was right, I hesitated for a moment but then I just told him that I have nothing with this. Then he became quiet, same thing with the vid but I didn’t find him ofc.

  • Luciano Knol
    Luciano Knol2 dager siden

    Solution: change ur number

  • Barron Wiles
    Barron Wiles2 dager siden

    Hehehehe I CHOOSE DEATH!

  • quarth
    quarth2 dager siden

    I am attempting to become an author and writing novels, after watching this, I really want to make one where the “Bad Guys” are Just scam artists that kept annoying the Protagonist. With him attempting to find the higher ups and stop them

  • Coldbee
    Coldbee2 dager siden

    i remember it said scam likely and then my aunt was the one calling

  • Desedoo The Magic scientists
    Desedoo The Magic scientists2 dager siden

    I like they say we like there some kind of hive mind

  • Abdiel Cintron
    Abdiel Cintron2 dager siden

    normally when a scammer calls more than 3 times i answer again and say shut the fuck up and hang up if not i do it everytime they call or i use reverse look ups and find where they live but i don't actually go to the residency that's stupid i just keep the info and if they call again i tell them their place of residency and they hang up

  • Hanta Sero
    Hanta Sero3 dager siden

    this man is vampire

  • Time_Slayer23
    Time_Slayer233 dager siden

    That face tho when the scammer heard him yelling 🤣

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia3 dager siden

    Bruh I can’t 😂

  • No Mere Mortal
    No Mere Mortal4 dager siden

    "YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ONE OF US, AND THE CALLS WILL STOP? NO! NEVER! WE GOT YO NUMBER STOOPID 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yo I swear this is my favourite skit ever 😂

  • Kshatriya
    Kshatriya4 dager siden

    One time i got a voicemail from an unknown number and it just said "1 4 4 7"

  • Joshua Gabbert
    Joshua Gabbert4 dager siden

    I am the creator of scam likely

  • Jered Wanabo
    Jered Wanabo4 dager siden

    Jow I'm in tears Bro 🤣

  • Ezekiell Zulkiflee
    Ezekiell Zulkiflee4 dager siden

    nobody mom: 1.38

  • Ddg E
    Ddg E4 dager siden

    I love how he puts his finger next to the answer button and immediately presses it because he knew he was going to call again LOL

  • Yer Mum
    Yer Mum4 dager siden

    airplane mode

  • H3AD5HOT5
    H3AD5HOT54 dager siden

    yoooo we got the same keyboard 😳

  • Kevin Baines
    Kevin Baines4 dager siden

    I love king Vader cameo's 0:56

  • Joseph Dogans
    Joseph Dogans4 dager siden

    lol this is funny

  • Xavier Shaw
    Xavier Shaw4 dager siden

    And now we now, he called him to ask about his car’s extended warranty

  • Granny Smith
    Granny Smith5 dager siden

    My Postmates driver had a scam likely number lmao

  • Minari
    Minari5 dager siden

    Do not disturb: Allow me to introduce myself.

  • funjoejoe
    funjoejoe5 dager siden

    They’re just trying to warn you about your cars by extended warranty 😥

  • Mix Master Mike
    Mix Master Mike5 dager siden

    THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

  • goose goose
    goose goose5 dager siden

    My dad once answered a scam call and a woman answered, then my dad said "Je Mapelle" and she just hung up.

  • TitaniumWorm
    TitaniumWorm5 dager siden

    Just when I thought I have seen all his videos, this one might be my new favorite.

  • Colin Garner
    Colin Garner5 dager siden

    We need a whole movie

  • smakkacow
    smakkacow5 dager siden

    the conversation about milk in ice cream was so immersive

  • Fairway Toilet Paper
    Fairway Toilet Paper6 dager siden

    Just noticed that Griffey and Lenard were both on his FaceTime records lol

  • Vapoureon
    Vapoureon6 dager siden

    "Life or death, you choose" Well that's a Saw line if I've ever heard one

  • urMumm Minecraft
    urMumm Minecraft6 dager siden

    Why your phone screen teen bulma from dragon ball? Kinda sus XD

  • Avery Watts
    Avery Watts6 dager siden

    I actually answer these just to waste their time. Better they spend that time trying to scam me when it'll never work than scam someone who's vulnerable to that sort of thing.

  • MysticShadowGaming
    MysticShadowGaming6 dager siden

    1:03 literally me when my friends keep calling me at home too many times

  • Protoka
    Protoka6 dager siden

    I thought he was gonna say "Contrary to me gripping your neck against this wall, I really like golf." But that's impossible because nobody enjoys golf.

  • Protoka


    4 dager siden

    Of course. Mini golf and golf are two completely different games.

  • eyewire1990


    4 dager siden

    Mini golf still cool tho right?

  • Endster
    Endster7 dager siden

    I don't even end the call cause I want to try to trick the system that my phone number is inactive lmao

  • trublgrl
    trublgrl7 dager siden

    Meanwhile, every time I call to get a subscription to Golfer's monthly, the damn robot operator can't take my order.

  • BadBaking Zero
    BadBaking Zero7 dager siden

    Did you forget you car extended warranty

  • King Uchiha
    King Uchiha7 dager siden

    This is legit my favorite skit of his, we got your number stupid!! Cracks me up every time

  • Nimbus -X
    Nimbus -X7 dager siden

    This shit was straight out an anime 😂😂

  • Dery Wang
    Dery Wang8 dager siden

    Tbh, I would like to cut off their fingers, slowly one by one, so they won't ever be able to scam call again if I could. 😈 Just to prove to them not to mess with me, or anyone else ever again with the scam calls.

  • Gamer Instincts
    Gamer Instincts8 dager siden

    Caleb: Picks up phone Scammer: Hangs up Caleb: “How you gonna call me and hang up I gotta go see you personally”

  • Demon King Vortex
    Demon King Vortex8 dager siden

    bruh he should of muted his phone and turned it over

  • J Hopes
    J Hopes8 dager siden

    I answered a Scam likely call once and said Hello, I didn’t hear no Breathing just silence. I hung up so fast and checked my back account

  • Isaiah Washington
    Isaiah Washington8 dager siden

    I almost died 🤣

  • Aeo the Food Dude
    Aeo the Food Dude8 dager siden

    This is why we need to purge the world of scam callers. I'm not joking, if you ever meet one, do the world a favor and remove them from it.

  • G I Lucky

    G I Lucky

    7 dager siden

    Your wish is our command, your Highness. We must have peace from these no-life morons.

  • Raziel Rythin
    Raziel Rythin8 dager siden

    The 2.7k dislikes are people who work in call centers

  • Rafa la Garrafa
    Rafa la Garrafa8 dager siden

    I c h o o s e d e a t h

  • Andrew McKlveen
    Andrew McKlveen9 dager siden

    Not even joking I got a scam call during this video

  • Gawdbody Jutsu
    Gawdbody Jutsu9 dager siden


  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson9 dager siden

    He got Bose QC35 or mark two

  • ZloxGodSpeed
    ZloxGodSpeed9 dager siden

    You know contrary to me gripping your neck against this wall I'm really patient rn

  • Yaell Ramirez
    Yaell Ramirez9 dager siden


  • Regan limuti
    Regan limuti9 dager siden

    Lol big mom be like

  • El Duardo
    El Duardo9 dager siden

    Settings > Phone > Silence unknown callers Thank me later

  • Grace Cookie
    Grace Cookie10 dager siden

    How much milk is In ice cream to make a gallon of ice cream you need 1/2 gallon of milk, 1/2 gallon of heavy whipping cream (super milk to make anyone cursed with lactose intolerance never leave the bathroom), sugar (I use honey family members have diabetes), eggs. those are the basic ingredients depending on what kind you make vanilla, chocolate, ect.. will depend on if more dairy products are added like cheese cake

  • Oliver Cabusao
    Oliver Cabusao10 dager siden

    Once I work for a call center that made these kinds of calls, and I can assure you that this is accurate.

  • 676Splxsh
    676Splxsh10 dager siden

    Scam Likely Keep Calling My Mom

  • Yoru
    Yoru10 dager siden

    did we not notice his phone calls? griffy, lenarr?

  • NessYX
    NessYX10 dager siden

    Im dead wow lol

  • Somewhat Decent Somewhat Bland
    Somewhat Decent Somewhat Bland10 dager siden

    How many phones does this dude have?

  • The seven Deadly sins
    The seven Deadly sins11 dager siden

    Whenever i get a scam call,i just say im 5 and i dont understand what theyre saying,works everytime

  • Some Weirdo
    Some Weirdo11 dager siden

    Your ringtones fire

  • Fleurgy McHeurgy
    Fleurgy McHeurgy11 dager siden

    the "I choose DEATH" moment had me honestly more scared

  • ZeckMagic
    ZeckMagic11 dager siden

    I feel that

  • Doomgath
    Doomgath11 dager siden

    I like his bulma background on his phone

  • Ad A
    Ad A11 dager siden

    Lol, loved this one 🤣

  • HooperHooper#8
    HooperHooper#811 dager siden

    This is fax the exact same thing happened to me and when I started yelling at the guy he just hung up

  • Jocomotion
    Jocomotion12 dager siden

    I just troll them. But this seems WAY more effective.

  • Lamari Wilson
    Lamari Wilson12 dager siden

    He called me fr

  • Kylie T
    Kylie T13 dager siden


  • salazar mk2
    salazar mk213 dager siden

    The ominious music gets me every time from the piano one to the dund sound

  • Maayan384
    Maayan38413 dager siden

    One of his all time greatest, nice!

  • Ohto Sama
    Ohto Sama13 dager siden

    That Bulma wallpaper tho

  • Brian Qiu
    Brian Qiu13 dager siden

    Every time I get a scam call I’m going to say hello hello !

  • Sorry, I don't exist
    Sorry, I don't exist13 dager siden

    It's usually a bot. Unfortunately...

  • instagram:evanderyg
    instagram:evanderyg13 dager siden

    them conversations at the beginning so accurate lmao. bitches we thinkin we cheatin while we talkin about how much milk icecream contains

  • Nhial And ash
    Nhial And ash14 dager siden

    I see teen Bulma in the background of the phone

  • Tj Askew
    Tj Askew14 dager siden

    “We gottt your NUMBER StUpiddd”😭😭

  • Tj Askew
    Tj Askew14 dager siden

    Scam Caller: “Heeello👀” His voiced literally killed me😂🤣🤣

  • dope boiii
    dope boiii14 dager siden

    The way he be making the people talk on the mics 😂😅 I know it’s his voice but it’s hilarious

  • Brian Rivers
    Brian Rivers14 dager siden

    😐 my face the whole video

  • Rah'tel Jackson
    Rah'tel Jackson14 dager siden

    Mans laughing at his own jokes in the beginning

  • Justa Nuff
    Justa Nuff14 dager siden

    imagine if Caleb actually had a twin brother this whole time hahhaha

  • Zerc Mep
    Zerc Mep14 dager siden

    We got your number stupid lol

  • Julia Luo
    Julia Luo14 dager siden

    It really do be like that doe 👀