When the writer of a show only focuses on progressing the plot.


Won't say any names.
Oddwin 19


  • Tutu Tu
    Tutu Tu59 minutter siden

    What if you reactivate his weakest move?

  • Anime Star
    Anime Star3 timer siden

    How did he know 🤣

  • ruomuy
    ruomuy8 timer siden

    Naruto in a nutshell

  • Noman Habibi
    Noman Habibi9 timer siden

    Hunter X Hunter

  • CrayZeeGaming
    CrayZeeGaming14 timer siden

    I would’ve died if the third body part that came out after the second hand was a foot

  • Seth Dupuis
    Seth Dupuis17 timer siden


  • 7z4_
    7z4_19 timer siden

    NOT the chimera ant arc

  • Romikey GD
    Romikey GD20 timer siden

    He won't kill him ever plot armor people hes the main character

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson21 time siden

    The way he says stupid is hilarious

  • Advanced Game Brothers
    Advanced Game BrothersDag siden

    2:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • KanKuro Playzz
    KanKuro PlayzzDag siden

    I can't even tell who's the bad guy here.

  • NardyMan5
    NardyMan5Dag siden

    “It’s already winter stuwpid” 🤣🤣

  • barry soka
    barry sokaDag siden

    The black market want him

  • Michael Cummings II
    Michael Cummings IIDag siden

    Amen my brother! Eternal blessings amen lord

  • sir manbuns
    sir manbunsDag siden

    If you cut off his head will he regrow his head or will he regrow his body

  • Peter Mavrakis
    Peter MavrakisDag siden

    Him: I get to have unlimited BODYPARTS when all my abilities are inactive at once! Me:Alright then ill just blast every single bone every single cell every single artery in your body! Get ERASED 死ぬ

  • Eliot Guerin
    Eliot GuerinDag siden

    Its a nice bleach easter egg

  • My comment be like:
    My comment be like:Dag siden

    "...physically makes no sense..." So all those other powers make sense to you?

  • townsound
    townsoundDag siden

    "Right before the fight." the fourth wall break omg

  • TheStickManGamer
    TheStickManGamerDag siden

    "F*ck are you talking, it's already winter, *STEWPIT"*

  • Shiniko Kanzaki
    Shiniko KanzakiDag siden

    literally demon slayer😂

  • FrxstyXD
    FrxstyXDDag siden

    2:50 LMFAO

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook2 dager siden

    Why did he say stupid like that 😂😂😂😂😂

  • SKM Designs
    SKM Designs2 dager siden

    This is the plot of Dragon Ball Super with Goku’s new forms

  • gooblorshk
    gooblorshk2 dager siden

    *wHy DIdnT I eAT tODaY?*

  • Aracystic
    Aracystic2 dager siden

    He’s that tall nigga from Fire Force that was crushing on Tamaki.

  • Boris Valderrama
    Boris Valderrama2 dager siden

    Itachi vibes

  • Mr. StringTomb
    Mr. StringTomb2 dager siden

    Man that chop effect of the hand is so simple yet it works so well

  • Kelvin Oriarewo
    Kelvin Oriarewo2 dager siden


  • Kelvin Oriarewo

    Kelvin Oriarewo

    2 dager siden

    I'm on a mission

  • Kelvin Oriarewo
    Kelvin Oriarewo2 dager siden


  • 3b8
    3b82 dager siden

    Crappy superpower

  • gundir
    gundir2 dager siden


  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson2 dager siden

    Dude that sword swing was clean asf

  • Ann Sears
    Ann Sears2 dager siden

    2:56 Lol

  • Caleb RADKID
    Caleb RADKID2 dager siden

    ittle grow back!... Its a BODY PART. bro i was dying

  • André Furlan
    André Furlan2 dager siden

    Man, this guy is a superb actor...

  • Shavin Kannan
    Shavin Kannan2 dager siden

    Alternative Title 3rd Hokage vs Orochimaru.

  • Jayden Prince
    Jayden Prince2 dager siden

    The funny thing is Caleb actually knows how to use a sword 😂

  • Jibreel Glenn
    Jibreel Glenn3 dager siden

    At the start boy was moving at light speed

  • Owlface
    Owlface3 dager siden

    Everyone vs Ethan Winters:

  • Jay Arya
    Jay Arya3 dager siden

    Gon in every arc

  • CreativeName
    CreativeName3 dager siden

    Should have done a Panty and Stocking ending on them.

  • Spark Rock
    Spark Rock3 dager siden

    Seven Deady Sins whenever the Villian fights.

    DVRK KVWV!!3 dager siden

    He needs to make his own anime already cuz I'd watch the fuck out of it.

  • Reisen
    Reisen3 dager siden

    when the mc become more villain than the villain

  • Máscara Digital
    Máscara Digital3 dager siden

    Is this HunterXHunter?

  • Gregory Butcher
    Gregory Butcher3 dager siden

    01:30 that sheathe alone is anime quality and could destroy universes

  • E6DITSS !!
    E6DITSS !!3 dager siden

    1:46 💀

  • jhayem Briones
    jhayem Briones3 dager siden

    This powers just sound like they come from my hero ahhha

  • Enoch Lolpop
    Enoch Lolpop3 dager siden

    you not spike 💀

  • GeneralBurger4
    GeneralBurger43 dager siden

    He didn't ask how. He asked *why.*

  • OnixLight
    OnixLight3 dager siden

    Enemy: ANOTHER HAND!! 2:22 UGAA

  • Silvia Turd
    Silvia Turd4 dager siden

    Has anyone noticed how his sweater say supreme but has the nike logo?

  • Kevin 420
    Kevin 4204 dager siden

    The hand wtf im dead😂😂

  • aLl III's
    aLl III's4 dager siden

    Basically luffy vs enel lol

  • otaku games
    otaku games4 dager siden

    This is just dbza nail and freezas fight

  • Santiago Guillen
    Santiago Guillen4 dager siden

    I watch these videos so often, I’ve already memorized most of them

  • KagamiStyle
    KagamiStyle4 dager siden

    how tired was caleb when making this?

  • Ozzylep Unknown
    Ozzylep Unknown4 dager siden

    Regrowing head wont make sense, the head is you, you can't change your head, you can take away every single body part but if you keep the brain alive the person is still here... uN rEAliStiC VIdeO

  • ItsWhiteGoat
    ItsWhiteGoat4 dager siden

    After watching Demon Slayer Mugan Train this is way more accurate 😂

  • Sean Steo
    Sean Steo4 dager siden

    "arrrgggggggRRGGHHHAGGGHHhhh-Another hand!"

  • kirito _4kirigaya
    kirito _4kirigaya4 dager siden

    "I did it" had me dying 😂

  • A0LR
    A0LR4 dager siden

    Man put him in a genjustu

  • Jaystrike The Otaku
    Jaystrike The Otaku4 dager siden

    1:39 Touma Kamijo

  • N O
    N O4 dager siden

    The way he looked at his hand😂😂

  • meganemori
    meganemori4 dager siden

    reminds me of the time I watched a show and this guy was insanely op because he could turn into anyone but the chick found out he can only transform when he's not being looked at which is very bizarre like does the man just attract that small of an amount of attention for his whole life??

  • ember 2.0
    ember 2.04 dager siden

    I don't really watch anime, but the acting is on point.

  • Sakura Haruno
    Sakura Haruno4 dager siden

    You can move things as heavy as a car but only on a full stomach-Choji akimichi powers

  • abc 123
    abc 1234 dager siden

    2:35 😭

  • deming xie
    deming xie4 dager siden

    1:04 definitely smoked a fatty before filming, he aint fooling us.

  • Isaac Spartan
    Isaac Spartan4 dager siden

    This describes DB, Bleach, Naruto, etc. All have BS reasons just to progress the story and give bosses and minions time to escape to return later. SOOOOO annoying!

  • Marselino Estrada
    Marselino Estrada4 dager siden

    That fucking hand haha

  • JupiterSky
    JupiterSky4 dager siden

    ... aaaaand that's a demon slayer reference.

  • Spencer Ryan
    Spencer Ryan4 dager siden

    The Flash And Green Arrow:

  • human sadness
    human sadness4 dager siden


  • tyler gamer
    tyler gamer4 dager siden

    2:34 hahauauuauauahahahahahah

  • Qin Des
    Qin Des4 dager siden

    When did you learn this? *looks at camera* right before the fight Lol

  • Rel120goku Powell
    Rel120goku Powell4 dager siden

    Right before the fight

  • Trigger Studios
    Trigger Studios5 dager siden

    5 year olds on the playground in a nutshell

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo5 dager siden

    "rrrrrrright before the fight 👁👁"

  • TopIllusionist
    TopIllusionist5 dager siden

    Joesph Joestar be like

  • Kickstart
    Kickstart5 dager siden


  • Kitty The Nuisance
    Kitty The Nuisance5 dager siden

    Do you say data or data?

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy5 dager siden

    I love how boss music kicks in as soon as he grows his hand back

  • Son Yo
    Son Yo6 dager siden

    You fell into my trap. Give it up PITFALL! MY DUDE 😂

  • Jacob Michael
    Jacob Michael6 dager siden

    Deleted Scene: You have one more power. You can be a God, but only while you are sleeping.

  • AAC Productions
    AAC Productions6 dager siden

    I can’t tell who the villain is in this video

  • Golden Grainnz
    Golden Grainnz6 dager siden

    This reminds of me a certain anime i watched. I forgot what its called but liek the characters always have new abilities whenever they are about to die lol

  • Mavis Vermillion
    Mavis Vermillion6 dager siden

    Caleb just broke and unbroken the fourth wall in one scene about the next season

  • Jon Loc Frost
    Jon Loc Frost6 dager siden

    The Prosecution: @1:34 OJ Simpson: @1:40 (The Jury: Eating this sh*t up like hotcakes) The Prosecution: @2:42 OJ: @2:54

  • Chaotik
    Chaotik6 dager siden

    that just made me think of Piccolo pulling off and regenerating his arm in DBZA

  • Quintin Jackson
    Quintin Jackson6 dager siden

    This Inuyasha episode was pretty good.

  • TheFxCkYou
    TheFxCkYou6 dager siden

    Damn bro I remember this fool when he was just getting famous it’s crazy seeing him go from a apartment to a nice ass home.keep up the progress bro

  • Archana Weerasinghe
    Archana Weerasinghe6 dager siden


  • Wolfang Strike
    Wolfang Strike6 dager siden

    My girl catches me cheating: My girl: “Imma cut off your penis” Me:: “ it’ll grow back! It’s a BODYPART”!

  • k_tayyip
    k_tayyip7 dager siden

    Can u link the sword pls :)

  • AETHER!!
    AETHER!!7 dager siden

    "Don't Rally, NOOO!!!!!" 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • Xenomorph 1
    Xenomorph 17 dager siden

    Grunting intensifies: ANOTHER HAND

  • Chroma
    Chroma7 dager siden

    I laughed so hard i dropped my phone It broke :(

  • Lil PorkChop
    Lil PorkChop7 dager siden

    s t e w p i d