Realizing you're in the WRONG house.


When you find the people around your aren't who you think they are.
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  • nyanduck lionbuck
    nyanduck lionbuck21 time siden

    As soon as i saw the laptop i knew it was bing

  • Afreen Syed
    Afreen SyedDag siden

    Why did you cut the hotdog LONGWAYS

  • Inyuji
    Inyuji2 dager siden

    ah man no. Everything here is already a pet peeve

  • oh no.
    oh no.2 dager siden

    I feel like I saw this before 2020 but ight

  • zuvk
    zuvk3 dager siden

    He boiling the hotdog🤢

  • Hanta Sero
    Hanta Sero3 dager siden

    my mom uses bing XD

  • King of Dragons
    King of Dragons5 dager siden

    that’s the only way to split a hotdog

  • Moadot720
    Moadot7205 dager siden

    A Hotdog isn’t a snack, it’s a lunch food that can be eaten for dinner. 😂😂😂😂

  • 8-1 Reaper
    8-1 Reaper6 dager siden

    I use bing 🤨

  • Moisés Graciano
    Moisés Graciano7 dager siden

    I use bing, i think is a good stuff

  • Mudinabowl
    Mudinabowl7 dager siden

    you could say he cut it hotdog style

  • Wanees Ali
    Wanees Ali8 dager siden

    0:43 when you weren’t listening to instructions, then you tryna steam at the npc to get them talking

  • Cobra
    Cobra9 dager siden

    Man I watched this video multiple times and I just realized the guy who didn't wash his hands was using hand sanitizer 2:08

  • Henrich Ramon De Los Reyes
    Henrich Ramon De Los Reyes9 dager siden

    You the wrong house fool

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham10 dager siden


  • Terrance Wesseh
    Terrance Wesseh10 dager siden

    How to make hand sanitizer lol

  • Mike Henny
    Mike Henny11 dager siden

    I shoulda known he wasn't going to simply walk down the stairs and figure out "THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!" Instead it was "THESE ARE NOT MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS!!"

    SHRALLEN11 dager siden

    OCD be like

  • The Consigliere
    The Consigliere13 dager siden

    This fool picked the wrong house

  • Michael
    Michael16 dager siden

    The bing part lmao

  • Jalyn Moore-Allen
    Jalyn Moore-Allen16 dager siden

    The dedication for this skit is immense

  • •⟅⟅SKUFFED⟆⟆•
    •⟅⟅SKUFFED⟆⟆•16 dager siden

    "Hes a menace!" Spider-Mans J Jameson- a year that I forgot

  • Bullseye
    Bullseye17 dager siden


  • OnlyTwoShoes
    OnlyTwoShoes18 dager siden

    Brazzers taught me that people wear shoes in bed all the time...

  • T0xinati0ns
    T0xinati0ns19 dager siden

    "How to make hand sanitizer" He predicted....The future?

    CoD CLIPS20 dager siden

    How else would you cut a hotdog in half????

  • Martinez’s Martinez
    Martinez’s Martinez21 dag siden

    Turn to Jesus and be saved!

  • SpeX YT0
    SpeX YT022 dager siden

    2:03 This is I mean seriously 😒 BINGGGGG!!!

  • Christian Lotter
    Christian Lotter23 dager siden

    NeVeR MiNd!!!!!!!

  • LolMagnus G
    LolMagnus G26 dager siden

    Is ThAt BIng?!

  • Devon Mitchell
    Devon Mitchell27 dager siden

    So we're gonna ignore the fact that he *boiled* the hot dog?! You're supposed to put it in the toaster oven

  • CalledByGod Tribe of Judah
    CalledByGod Tribe of Judah27 dager siden

    0.35 them sound effects 🙈😂😂

  • Kilian_14 2003
    Kilian_14 200329 dager siden

    "how to make hand sanitizer"💀💀

  • Wyatt Horn
    Wyatt Horn29 dager siden

    This actually disgusted me

  • Boogie8130
    Boogie8130Måned siden

    Ya manz searching up how to make hand sanitizer.

  • Sanket Gupta
    Sanket GuptaMåned siden

    It's an alternate dimension when you know bing took over Google

  • Sanket Gupta
    Sanket GuptaMåned siden

    I loved how he freaked out seeing Bing 😂

  • Team 7 yep
    Team 7 yepMåned siden

    Bruh how do you make hands sanitizer

  • Galactic
    GalacticMåned siden

    longways lmao

  • fishcati
    fishcatiMåned siden

    The worst part is that his roommate didn't ask him to close the door when he left the room.

  • Zaid Nafees
    Zaid NafeesMåned siden

    The only thing that I agree with is the not washing hands and kind of the shoes in the bed

  • Obiefuna Ndulue

    Obiefuna Ndulue

    Måned siden

    excuse me?

  • O.G Rio
    O.G RioMåned siden

    Shoes in da bed. Aawwwllll hellllll naw!!

  • streetvybzswag 1.0
    streetvybzswag 1.0Måned siden

    yall on the man for asking for a piece of a hotdog but who tf out really eating just a single dog bruh

    MR.GUY MANMåned siden

    Is it bad that i thought of cutting it long ways to share aswell?

  • Knowledge and Defense
    Knowledge and DefenseMåned siden

    Get Out (2017)

  • YouTube froyo
    YouTube froyoMåned siden


  • SuperFast
    SuperFastMåned siden

    This has strong “Get out” vibes.

  • Hailey A
    Hailey AMåned siden

    I love how he couldn’t even bring himself to actually put the shoes on the bed lmao

  • jxhnnii_uwu_
    jxhnnii_uwu_Måned siden

    I mean, it is kinda hard to realize if someone’s them or not because they’re all the same people.

  • Mungas -
    Mungas -Måned siden

    1:38 what’s the song?

  • melchior phoenix
    melchior phoenixMåned siden

    2:00 is there something you'd like to tell us, Jeremy?

  • Lord Pantero
    Lord PanteroMåned siden

    I put a hot dog in my sandwiches for work and I cut them in half long ways so they don’t roll out

  • The werewolves Den
    The werewolves DenMåned siden


  • John Rollex
    John RollexMåned siden

    I use Bing sometimes. It lets you play a preview of the video before you click on it.

  • Lyla Jackson
    Lyla JacksonMåned siden

    :How to make hand sanitizer* =Calbe*Ahhhhhhh no get me out of here*

  • Yannae DC
    Yannae DCMåned siden

    Lol the hotdog one is the ultimate FU

  • Vysyrah
    VysyrahMåned siden

    Bro Jeremy seemed so chill 😆

  • Curseth _
    Curseth _Måned siden

    "How to make a hand sanitizer?"

  • wow157
    wow157Måned siden

    they're basically committing every sin against humanity

  • Mar Mab
    Mar MabMåned siden

    my brother's birthday was yesterday

  • The Dog God

    The Dog God

    Måned siden


  • CoolScot
    CoolScotMåned siden

    having shoes on the bed is even too much for him to actually go through with it, not even for the video ._.

  • Demetria Ware
    Demetria WareMåned siden


  • Nate Foltz
    Nate FoltzMåned siden

    You have your shoes on in bed? ‘Dramatic music starts playing’

  • Midnight Void Wolfie
    Midnight Void WolfieMåned siden

    when I saw that I died im ligit freaking out right now

  • Logan Cherrington
    Logan CherringtonMåned siden

    Caleb: fears bing People who use DuckDuckGo: *laughs in psychopath*

  • UWU Owo

    UWU Owo

    Måned siden

    @Logan Cherrington Probably

  • Logan Cherrington

    Logan Cherrington

    Måned siden

    @UWU Owo ah, so it’s infectious

  • UWU Owo

    UWU Owo

    Måned siden

    @Logan Cherrington Lemme break your mind more. All my friends use DuckDuckGo. (To be fair to you I only have 3 friends)

  • Logan Cherrington

    Logan Cherrington

    Måned siden

    @UWU Owo I feel like a just saw an animal thought to be extinct. Incredible

  • UWU Owo

    UWU Owo

    Måned siden

    Oh you called?

  • Undaground Soulja
    Undaground SouljaMåned siden

    This is creepy scary

  • Gamerboii
    GamerboiiMåned siden

    Why is the age restriction for me and blocked in my school

  • TIM Jaduros
    TIM JadurosMåned siden

    oh dont worry happens to me all the time

  • Megaman Z
    Megaman ZMåned siden

    What we didn't see in the bathroom: The toilet paper was going under, not over.

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan PerryMåned siden

    The hotdog still there.

  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew MurrayMåned siden

    I think I'm that person. I put the milk in the bowl WARM IT UP and then put in cereal and I love it

  • Miner Man60101
    Miner Man60101Måned siden

    Honestly what's more concerning is that he's in a house full of clones of himself, or that he himself is a clone

  • Jay Pocaigue
    Jay PocaigueMåned siden

    Funny thing is, a hot dog cut long ways would last longer

  • Jayden George
    Jayden GeorgeMåned siden

    I am offend, i use Bing *I am lonely*

  • NotKiraYoshikage
    NotKiraYoshikageMåned siden

    Well if you're a white female police officer, you'd shoot the other person but ok

  • Ethan
    EthanMåned siden

    I use bing

  • MythiX Realth
    MythiX RealthMåned siden

    “Long ways” You mean vertical?

  • First Last
    First LastMåned siden

    How to make hand sanitizer.

  • J A C K
    J A C KMåned siden

    Came to the wrong house fool!

  • MaximusAlcarinque
    MaximusAlcarinqueMåned siden

    Bing is awesome for research

  • Gregarious Fawn
    Gregarious FawnMåned siden

    And that is literally hell!

  • jossi ali
    jossi aliMåned siden

    Lets take a moment to appreciate the fact that Bing was the killer reason it being a mad house...

  • Gabe B
    Gabe BMåned siden

    Shrek when his swamp was invaded...

  • CheezyLad
    CheezyLadMåned siden

    Yall don't cut the hotdog like that? Wack

  • K W
    K WMåned siden

    Lol!!! I hate Bing! 😅😅😅

  • Matthew Hara
    Matthew HaraMåned siden

    Irony I use Bing to watch these videos

  • Something To See
    Something To SeeMåned siden

    he didnt wash hes hands XD

  • Squidnuget Gaming
    Squidnuget GamingMåned siden

    All your pain in one video:

  • makoto dokoshimata
    makoto dokoshimataMåned siden

    🤣bruh I have nothing to say LMAO

  • Gaming Center
    Gaming CenterMåned siden

    That's bing lol

  • edgyy
    edgyyMåned siden


  • Daddyswagg
    DaddyswaggMåned siden

    exactly a year later

  • Blue Storm
    Blue StormMåned siden

    this was made exatcly one year ago

  • TheAntiTrope
    TheAntiTropeMåned siden

    His genuine concern about Jeremy gets me every time 🤣, fr that's the weirdest one. That's some psychopathic shit.

  • Keezie
    KeezieMåned siden

    Who else saw this vid exactly one year later

  • The Boyfriend
    The BoyfriendMåned siden

    Random comment here, but I'm watching March 19 2021, a year later on the same date lol

  • Bobrtm 1
    Bobrtm 1Måned siden

    I was shocked when he said the date. That's 1 year ago to the day... almost

  • insaineven
    insainevenMåned siden

    It's been one year since this art has graced us. What a time to be alive

  • gamer4life0602
    gamer4life0602Måned siden

    Yoo it's the 18th of march 2021 now

  • YaBoiCreamyFeet
    YaBoiCreamyFeetMåned siden

    Here on the 1 year anniversary