People that used to play instruments during war.


Seriously though, who decided its was coo to just play a drum while people were in mortal combat
King Kaiyo - Melodic
Oddwin - 19


  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins11 timer siden

    I'm 98% sure Caleb got the inspiration for this vid when a teammate of his sold him on for honor.

  • mIIq
    mIIq18 timer siden

    Off topic but he kinda looks handsome with that wig and the beard here 0:37 lololl 😂👀

  • Ein Lien
    Ein LienDag siden

    Yeah, but the only reason he was fighting so well was because of all the buffs the bards stacked on him.

  • Prometheus 988
    Prometheus 988Dag siden

    “Ya’ll got pamphlets?”

  • Bea
    BeaDag siden

    The piano kills me everytime

  • Ashwin Selvakumar
    Ashwin Selvakumar2 dager siden

    "I'm getting juuumped" is such a classic soldier thing to say

  • Trippy
    Trippy2 dager siden

    "Yessss, help me! I'm getting jumped."

  • Leo Yaminaka
    Leo Yaminaka2 dager siden

    This villain backstory kinda fire

  • The Overlord Bear's Den
    The Overlord Bear's Den2 dager siden

    Imagine this, but in Monster Hunter, though.

  • Kelnan Xunro
    Kelnan Xunro2 dager siden

    Dawg, imagine practicing your drum solo for the big battle and some guy with the sword solo disses your morale.

  • Montrey Currington
    Montrey Currington2 dager siden

    "I'll see you after the battle. I'm gonna go find and fight the leader alone for some reason"

  • Alazar
    Alazar2 dager siden


  • Jordan Walters
    Jordan Walters3 dager siden

    There's nothing braver than being completely unarmed while playing a bagpipe and marching directly towards the enemy equipped with the most sophisticated weaponry of that time period. Though to be fair the bagpipe played a certain way can become a weapon of sonic destruction.

  • N D
    N D3 dager siden

    That's hilarious... "WHAT TIME PERIOD IS THIS?!" When I read Kurates wanted someone to USE their mech? I shared that to FB saying, "INSTALL LIVE FIRE ARMAMENTS AND LOUD SPEAKERS! I'LL BE BLASTING AMERICA! #$%& YEAH! COMIN' AGAIN TO SAVE THE MOTHER @#$%&*+ DAY YEAH! AND I'LL PILOT IT!" In the middle east... and in all honesty? I meant it... Music in battle? It can work... But recorded music and use it to mess with the enemy. Make them angry and stupid... And your own soldiers more confident and focused.

  • RagedRiel
    RagedRiel3 dager siden

    “I’ll go fight the leader alone... for some reason” cracked me up 😂

    PATRICK SCHWEGMANN3 dager siden

    0:56 Song name?

  • Silok
    Silok3 dager siden

    My dream be like:

  • Sinista
    Sinista4 dager siden

    Lmaoo they're fighting The Sims "Kashmiriga!"

  • shannon laule
    shannon laule4 dager siden

    guy: you ready? blonde guy: **shakes head left and right** yeah

  • JackoJem
    JackoJem4 dager siden

    he getting light spammed

  • spyrolad
    spyrolad4 dager siden

    the casio keyboard really got me

  • Arsoras
    Arsoras4 dager siden

    not enough comments about the “I’m gonna go find and fight the leader alone for some reason” LOL

  • Awesomekat
    Awesomekat4 dager siden

    What are drummer boys even for?

  • Mike Henny
    Mike Henny5 dager siden

    Bards that give defense boosts to all knights, but Stevie Wonder over there is giving you the Higher Ground

  • Poyo
    Poyo5 dager siden

    that face at the end brruh

  • Frindjinny6
    Frindjinny66 dager siden

    Invasion of the local orchestra 1443:

  • YouTube Dark Mode
    YouTube Dark Mode7 dager siden

    How many swords I got

  • edenkrs1
    edenkrs17 dager siden

    i cant even whistle

  • edenkrs1
    edenkrs17 dager siden

    i need to play a egg at a war

  • basura
    basura7 dager siden

    I'm GETTIng JUMMMped!!

  • SloBoBest
    SloBoBest7 dager siden

    Literally my random s on rambow

  • Kazier Frost
    Kazier Frost8 dager siden

    What did the enemies say when they entered the room?

  • Nero Lancaster

    Nero Lancaster

    8 dager siden


  • UnpottedSoil
    UnpottedSoil8 dager siden

    Im still waiting on the video about homie finding and fighting the leader

  • Gucci Hat Luffy
    Gucci Hat Luffy8 dager siden

    Yo this is freaking mordhau all over again ahahahaha.."dodge this you bastard!"

  • _asleep
    _asleep8 dager siden

    "I'm getting juuuuumped!"

  • SilverShadow
    SilverShadow8 dager siden

    I feel this on a spiritual level every time I do solo que on Overwatch XD

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia9 dager siden

    For Honor be like:

  • Wanees Ali
    Wanees Ali9 dager siden

    Just imagine being a drummer boy and the dude on your side drops dead

  • rexoro
    rexoro9 dager siden

    He's actually the main character

  • Az Ghost
    Az Ghost9 dager siden

    I’m keeping your morale

  • yuri koffy
    yuri koffy9 dager siden


  • le Zanji
    le Zanji10 dager siden

    I mean those swords do be producing a banger

  • Qxiz
    Qxiz10 dager siden

    I'm gonna go fight the leader alone for some reason

  • Qxiz
    Qxiz10 dager siden

    He could have whistled some tunes for the bad guys to stop fighting

  • JewelFyrenation
    JewelFyrenation10 dager siden

    XD What I want to know is does he name his characters in the making of the script?

  • icspps
    icspps10 dager siden

    When the party has one fighter and a bunch of bards...

  • Emile Morel
    Emile Morel10 dager siden

    the hunting horn in monster hunter be like

  • Zuhri69
    Zuhri6910 dager siden

    Just realised that was Ray Charles. Lol

  • AmNeenja
    AmNeenja10 dager siden

    "I'm... setting the atmosphere 😌" "I need H E L P"

  • StupidBadyXD
    StupidBadyXD10 dager siden

    The drum are actually used to gives command. The because when people are dying and screaming, is hard to tell what’s going on. Should they retreat? Fight? Instrument are used for that reason.

  • deniz ali yılmaz
    deniz ali yılmaz11 dager siden


  • mcbone_kenney
    mcbone_kenney11 dager siden

    for honor gameplay

  • Seth Kunert
    Seth Kunert11 dager siden

    War music was mostly for directing the army over top of the battle noise

  • Joyal George
    Joyal George11 dager siden

    Most intense job interview.

  • Heavenly Ascended Chicken
    Heavenly Ascended Chicken11 dager siden

    Dj in tower defense games be like

  • Ethan McDaniel
    Ethan McDaniel12 dager siden

    Did you join them???

  • LyncoSarez MANA
    LyncoSarez MANA13 dager siden

    "Two on me" 🤣🤣🤣

  • DrownedDemon
    DrownedDemon13 dager siden

    00:38 "Two on me, I need help in mid" STORY OF MY LIIIIIFEEEEEE That's why I jungle.

  • Jae'on Jackson James
    Jae'on Jackson James13 dager siden

    i DIED at this part 1:17

  • Red
    Red13 dager siden

    What a cliffhanger did he join or die

  • whydoesnothingwork
    whydoesnothingwork13 dager siden

    This random foot soldier battling Thor or some shit

  • Daniel Durbin
    Daniel Durbin14 dager siden


  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here14 dager siden

    "instruments of war" just got a whole new meaning

  • poWMod
    poWMod15 dager siden

    The bard class is a lot more userfull in RPGs trust me.

  • VoiDz Miner
    VoiDz Miner15 dager siden

    1:44 KASHMIRGA

  • Rah'tel Jackson
    Rah'tel Jackson15 dager siden

    Easa doha cashmereda!

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi15 dager siden

    Bards are just so unappreciated

  • Shinobi One
    Shinobi One16 dager siden

    So this is what bardic inspiration looks like in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

  • Toomez
    Toomez16 dager siden

    Hunters that use the Hunting Horn: **UNLIMITED POWER!!**

  • Just a Giraffe
    Just a Giraffe16 dager siden

    Plot Twist: The enemies declined his offer because they needed more musicians.

  • francis alaysa
    francis alaysa16 dager siden

    lets be real this could destroy all of your enemy cause this sh.+ will freak out the enemy thinking that its lightning when its just big and huge drums

  • Abizmal
    Abizmal16 dager siden


  • Tru Maverick
    Tru Maverick16 dager siden

    Is this Horn class in Monster Hunter?

  • CPTmoonlight
    CPTmoonlight16 dager siden

    Funny thing is musicians up thru ww1 were the number 1 target in war as its how you coordinated your troops

  • SpaceCAT365
    SpaceCAT36516 dager siden

    Anyone else noticed that the one dude said kasmirga

  • Darth Hylian
    Darth Hylian17 dager siden

    Grow a beard man

  • Dude ManGuyBro
    Dude ManGuyBro17 dager siden

    Lol cashmereguh

  • Wo Wala Moiz
    Wo Wala Moiz17 dager siden

    Some guy called Jack Churchill and another dude played bagpipes during world war 2. The other dude survived because the Nazis thought he was a lunatic and it isn't honorable to shoot a lunatic. Jack Churchill was survived because he was actually a lunatic who carried only a claymore to battle and felt sad when the war was over.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe17 dager siden

    Alternate title: your a for honor player and your whole team is just playing instruments

  • Nukaze
    Nukaze17 dager siden

    got s8 lookin good

  • Adrian Renteria
    Adrian Renteria17 dager siden

    When someone has an instrument in for honor

  • theo b
    theo b17 dager siden

    “I’m going to go fight the leader alone for some reason”

  • Sheer Lock
    Sheer Lock17 dager siden

    Suomi mainittu. Torilla tavataan.

  • Uranus
    Uranus17 dager siden

    Just like For Honor 😂 ( it’s a game )

  • Lawrence Yancy
    Lawrence Yancy17 dager siden

    The Bard lol

  • Charged gamer
    Charged gamer18 dager siden

    The lvl 1 bard that cant even do anything at the start


    the last decision was perfect. lmao

  • Deadwood Dooley
    Deadwood Dooley18 dager siden

    Dude was really a warden holding off two highlanders

  • mystery draws things
    mystery draws things18 dager siden

    Schools when kids are bullied:

  • 277 353
    277 35318 dager siden

    Lmao why is there in the middle of a knight fight a flatTV?

  • bob bobthebobbobofbobby
    bob bobthebobbobofbobby18 dager siden

    calebcity could be my tyrion and wildfire my blackwater till I abdeciate kings landing any day

  • ZNation Games
    ZNation Games19 dager siden

    1:44 KASHMERIGA 😂😂😂

  • Noah Shrewsbery
    Noah Shrewsbery19 dager siden

    I'd sure as hell hire any soldier who's able to fight off two people from the ground while having an existential crisis

  • KriegLord
    KriegLord19 dager siden

    I’m i the only one who got really anxious because they did close the helmet shield

  • CuteHuntress
    CuteHuntress19 dager siden

    This is just Calebcity @ing all of his bad For Honor teammates.

  • Larry Amaker III
    Larry Amaker III19 dager siden


  • Larry Amaker III
    Larry Amaker III19 dager siden

    0:34 THE BLADE THAT WAS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!

  • growingoaks productions
    growingoaks productions19 dager siden

    He’s like “they are worthless lemme help you”

  • Inversion
    Inversion19 dager siden

    I like the foreign chants.

  • S o u n d W a v e s
    S o u n d W a v e s19 dager siden

    He was actually providing extremely strong agility buffs, that's why Sword!Caleb could deflect all those attacks. He just couldn't tell because he was playing with HUD off for a more cinematic experience