Overpowered Villains (again)


When "as long as I can" is like 5 seconds tops
Oddwin - 19


    SMART STUDIES47 minutter siden

    The voice cut at the ending made it soo much better

  • Tyler Walker
    Tyler WalkerDag siden


  • Shiny marshadow

    Shiny marshadow

    20 timer siden

    Not like it matters anyway

  • lucky_ lilox
    lucky_ liloxDag siden

    This guy is really funny... wait why didn't i realize that in the first place

  • G T
    G TDag siden

    Avengers: Infinity War

  • Buhklao
    BuhklaoDag siden

    1:17 DAYUM ooohhhhhhhhaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA *thwap*

  • Andrew Peter
    Andrew PeterDag siden

    Ulquiorra schifer

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel HernandezDag siden

    This is actual dragon ball

  • Hegatin Ekul
    Hegatin EkulDag siden


  • Gabstar
    Gabstar2 dager siden

    Satoru Gojo when he drops the blindfold

  • Kai Enjin
    Kai Enjin2 dager siden

    You know you're overpowered when you don't flinch from someone's punches.

  • Aaron Whiting
    Aaron Whiting2 dager siden

    For the villain, it's all fun and games until he meets the main protagonist. These are worthless side protagonists.

  • Dragon Spitfire
    Dragon Spitfire2 dager siden

    Jermain after they escaped the zombies from when writers really want to write off a character fighting the guy who made the zombies virus

  • corruptedsaiyan goku
    corruptedsaiyan goku3 dager siden

    How aizen showed up🤣

  • Emperor Calick
    Emperor Calick3 dager siden


  • T Rex
    T Rex3 dager siden

    The movie ending be like: *THE END* Director: Caleb city Producer: Caleb city Writer: Caleb City Overpowering villian: Caleb City Killed characters: Caleb City

  • buterest
    buterest3 dager siden

    I love ur skits

  • Anything Anime related
    Anything Anime related4 dager siden

    Basically anos voldigoad

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment4 dager siden

    Goku vs jiren

  • Mint-Astro
    Mint-Astro5 dager siden

    That cut scream killed me

  • Critz
    Critz5 dager siden

    1:16 caught me off guard

  • Sh4de's Warmup
    Sh4de's Warmup5 dager siden

    Jiren was here

  • MeGaLOKS
    MeGaLOKS6 dager siden

    Lucid dream be like:

  • Valtaline
    Valtaline6 dager siden

    Re:zero in a nutshell

  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses7 dager siden

    Haha, I pissed myself when the villain blinked

  • Jky 17
    Jky 177 dager siden

    dAMn 😂

  • Quickhands
    Quickhands7 dager siden

    This screams Father from FMA brotherhood

  • 10xSwxrd
    10xSwxrd7 dager siden

    This is basically me fighting the level 50 boss while I’m only level 12 And on purpose

  • LordXSK
    LordXSK8 dager siden

    So Goku vs Jiren until final hour he concentrate his power

  • yamahoshi
    yamahoshi8 dager siden

    then after a season or two they nerf this villain to look like a bum

  • Ertiuys _
    Ertiuys _8 dager siden

    Still can’t beat plot armour

  • Uncle Siege
    Uncle Siege9 dager siden

    How many swords does this guy own bro😂

  • Eren Dreamuur
    Eren Dreamuur9 dager siden

    Pov: the main villain is goku

  • Bullseye
    Bullseye9 dager siden

    I thought he was going to say his shoe was untied LMAO

  • Kallocarina
    Kallocarina10 dager siden

    Meruem lol

  • Muhammad Subhan Rauf
    Muhammad Subhan Rauf10 dager siden

    Goku vs jiren vibes😂😂

  • Prebuiltroom901
    Prebuiltroom90110 dager siden

    Caleb into the calebverse coming this December

  • Phyao
    Phyao11 dager siden

    Overpowered villain : I have the power of the 7 gods no one can defeat me The Main character : I don’t fight for myself I fight for my friends too

  • OwnThe WolfGod
    OwnThe WolfGod11 dager siden

    It’s just like dark souls

  • Enderman 667
    Enderman 66711 dager siden

    The ending was fear

  • Rarazan
    Rarazan12 dager siden

    mc need to collect 999 pine cones

  • stevejockey
    stevejockey12 dager siden

    you uploaded it the next day you hacking life

  • Ranime
    Ranime12 dager siden


  • Master Silver
    Master Silver13 dager siden

    1:16 DAYUM OOOAH!!!

  • Cozmo Marshy
    Cozmo Marshy13 dager siden

    holy sheesh THAT ENDING

  • Samuel Jordan From ReR
    Samuel Jordan From ReR13 dager siden

    No one Literally no one Calebcity “damn ooooooooooahhhhhhh

  • Ian McEwan
    Ian McEwan13 dager siden

    This is just Dio.

  • Jae'on Jackson James
    Jae'on Jackson James13 dager siden


  • sgap pi
    sgap pi13 dager siden

    Does this or the main character vids apply to overlord?

  • Kunle Etebster
    Kunle Etebster13 dager siden

    If Gojo Satoru was a villain 😅

  • Timeless Tiger
    Timeless Tiger13 dager siden

    I thought u we’re apart of RDCworld1 world I’m stupid

  • Oliver Cabusao
    Oliver Cabusao13 dager siden

    0:46 Is this a jojo's reference? XD

  • Ricky Richardson
    Ricky Richardson13 dager siden

    It was over when I saw the reflection of him running towards the room

  • Ice Wing
    Ice Wing14 dager siden

    i wanna believe that the antagonist aint even evil. he's just trying to live a normal life but because he's so overpowered, he cant help but cause mass destruction everywhere he goes. at first, he actually wanted the heroes t kill him but soon discovered that no one was strong enough to. this is like, the 50th person who has tried to stop him, and at this point he just plays along with them

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games14 dager siden

    1:22 tho

  • Jan Jacob Tumbaga
    Jan Jacob Tumbaga14 dager siden

    Is it just me or those punches sounded like hes slapping something.

  • Napalm Elderlich
    Napalm Elderlich14 dager siden

    1:20 I didn’t know we were playing Welcome to the Game

  • ツWyvurn
    ツWyvurn14 dager siden

    This is pretty much just Aizen, Madara, and Jiren

  • Devin Trent
    Devin Trent15 dager siden

    Aye! That camera move at 0:57 was pretty impressive!

  • Heval Chandler
    Heval Chandler16 dager siden

    yo this is killua running from Pitou

  • Zactipus
    Zactipus16 dager siden

    1:20 when your friend leaves you to fight the high leveled boss

  • Mr.mushroom7
    Mr.mushroom716 dager siden

    He always names the freind character Jermaine

  • Deadly Horn
    Deadly Horn17 dager siden

    It’s all fun and game until you hear that main character music

  • Tyler Hood
    Tyler Hood17 dager siden

    My favorite part was the villain running at the hero

  • fousseymon play
    fousseymon play17 dager siden

    Where does caleb get the hitting sound effect ?????

  • dark_plague Animations
    dark_plague Animations18 dager siden


  • Tragiikツ
    Tragiikツ18 dager siden

    This...Is very accurate of me but.. you stand no chance against me!

  • Evan Alex
    Evan Alex18 dager siden

    And then the villain dies because he slipped on a banana peel because the writers couldn't find a way to kill him.

  • isaac Thomas
    isaac Thomas18 dager siden

    Every jojo villain

  • dudesocool1
    dudesocool118 dager siden

    I can tell Caleb was rereading bleach

  • Fuuji
    Fuuji18 dager siden

    Goku vs jiren but jiren won

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb18 dager siden

    Hisoka battling any side character

  • Metal the Fox
    Metal the Fox18 dager siden

    Yamcha vs Jiren in a nutshell

  • CutiePieSwaroop
    CutiePieSwaroop20 dager siden

    This is Jiren from Dbs😂😂😂

  • Thanos
    Thanos20 dager siden

    im getting strong beerus vibes here

  • DeJa
    DeJa20 dager siden

    He said dayum 😂☠️

  • Tylei Sade
    Tylei Sade20 dager siden

    Madara 😂😂

  • Something Random
    Something Random23 dager siden

    If this was in Skyrim they would say “Must of been the wind”

  • SilentWraith967
    SilentWraith96723 dager siden

    Did this man predict the misfit of the demon king academy adaptation?

  • Simulation Prince
    Simulation Prince24 dager siden

    Jiren be like:

  • Black Mask News Network
    Black Mask News Network25 dager siden

    Don't flare out the elbows. It's a tell.

  • Crusty 2O
    Crusty 2O26 dager siden

    0:11 literally Gojo.

  • Harrambou
    Harrambou27 dager siden

    0:57 most underrated clean cut ever

  • MrChainChomp


    16 dager siden


  • MellowMarshmallow
    MellowMarshmallow28 dager siden

    “I’ll hold him as long as can” literally 1 second later: “DaYUM UWAAAAAAGGGH”

  • Antwon Vazquez
    Antwon VazquezMåned siden

    Perfectly cut screams

  • KM N
    KM NMåned siden

    Villain: blinks Literally every character on the planet at that moment: fucking dies Side character who comes to save the day: GIVES HIM A SWORD

  • Sonictitan123
    Sonictitan123Måned siden

    Yusuke vs Toguro was like:

  • Top Taco
    Top TacoMåned siden

    All stick figures with swords be like:

  • TheDovanator 1995
    TheDovanator 1995Måned siden

    Fists didn't work cause he was using Iron Flesh.

  • Jermaine Avery jr.
    Jermaine Avery jr.Måned siden


  • C bast
    C bastMåned siden

    Somebody put F in the chat for Caleb city

  • Angel Jonguitud
    Angel JonguitudMåned siden

    1:13 lol

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker9Måned siden

    1:21 scream

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker9Måned siden

    Coming back to this old skedadudlers

  • Ryan G2V
    Ryan G2VMåned siden

    Obito has entered the chat

  • Austin Mccloud
    Austin MccloudMåned siden

    1:17 Those screams of pain...I died laughing.😂🤣. What did he do to him??!!

  • Hyrule Jedi
    Hyrule JediMåned siden

    I honestly thought this was an exaggeration until I watched the misfit of demon king academy

  • Average RBLX
    Average RBLXMåned siden

    Reminds me of how everyone in dbz tried to fight frieza

  • GabeTheDog
    GabeTheDogMåned siden

    Basically Jiren

  • not cool
    not coolMåned siden

    Is Jamain character.

  • GamerJC
    GamerJCMåned siden