Just an update video about the Youtooz figure & more (not a sketch)


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    CalebCity7 måneder siden

    Giveaway link right here!: calebcity.youtooz.com/

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    6 måneder siden

    What does everyone else think of mime

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    Dream MoreLife

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    lou davey

    7 måneder siden

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  • scott chegg

    scott chegg

    7 måneder siden

    Got a good idea for a skit if you want it. Anime Villain waiting for hero to Finnish talking. First the check their phone heroes get offended, then writing his novel, more offended, leaves a statue with clothes called the heroes says he’s just getting snack, hero’s continue journey realise they failed, villain calls again oh by the way I destroyed your town already did it on my way back from snacks cue music and terrible realisation y’all was just talking so I just blew it up. Yeah no?

  • redgreenviolet


    7 måneder siden

    @Duck Man sighs...I asked...happy ?

  • Beedy KH
    Beedy KH4 dager siden

    What does Caleb in Calebcity mean?

  • GSZero
    GSZero4 dager siden

    You need a NFT of this.

  • Sub Da memegod
    Sub Da memegod6 dager siden

    Rip sketch youtooz

  • Taeko Chan
    Taeko Chan8 dager siden

    Me watching it in 2021 and realizing that there are no more of those :^

  • micah blyther
    micah blytherMåned siden

    funnnies dude on the internet

  • The G
    The GMåned siden

    What were the references?

  • TankyMordekaiser
    TankyMordekaiserMåned siden

    It looks awesome! Why is there a leaf on the head of the figure tho?

  • Brian Chen
    Brian ChenMåned siden

    The dreary den electronically copy because quit rheologically appreciate amid a quarrelsome helium. animated, magenta pilot

  • Mikey 2.0
    Mikey 2.0Måned siden

    The only video that didnt get 1M views

  • Salamander
    Salamander2 måneder siden

    Me just seeing this😅

  • Hybrid Prince.
    Hybrid Prince.2 måneder siden

    How can u get on to the website and design ur own ?

  • chessy jokes
    chessy jokes2 måneder siden


  • Alessandro Colpo
    Alessandro Colpo2 måneder siden

    Im 100% finna buy this bro.

  • Grey Ball Animations
    Grey Ball Animations3 måneder siden

    This feels like a skit i swear

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    Afreen3 måneder siden


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  • Sethy Jean-Pierre
    Sethy Jean-Pierre3 måneder siden

    What’s the song in the background

  • Amelia
    Amelia3 måneder siden

    Understandable have a great day👍😀

  • Chevy Blue
    Chevy Blue3 måneder siden

    0:50 Me: Staring at the online store looking directly at the sold-out sign as he talks.

  • anthony reed
    anthony reed3 måneder siden

    Just got mine today

  • E
    E3 måneder siden

    great skit Caleb

  • Be Red
    Be Red3 måneder siden

    What were the references bro like Naruto? He had a leaf on his face so hidden leaf? Lol

  • Be Red

    Be Red

    3 måneder siden

    @TreDay1 so? Which reference

  • TreDay1


    3 måneder siden

    ventus flytrap

  • Be Red
    Be Red3 måneder siden

    0:33 looks like the Yoshimitsu belt

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero3 måneder siden

    This is Canon to the drug dealer musical

  • Mexican Jesus
    Mexican Jesus3 måneder siden

    Who else came back cuz they got it

  • Le'Podcast
    Le'Podcast3 måneder siden

    You can sell me anything , because you provide a service . It’s like paying to go to a comedy show . I appreciate your decision to start making videos . Chicken

  • DBK
    DBK3 måneder siden

    Plot twist: There..... Was... NOT A PLOT TWIST HAHAHAHA

    UNKNOWN GAMER3 måneder siden

    Leaf is for the Venus flytrap

  • Jordan Downer
    Jordan Downer4 måneder siden

    The most obvious video reference would be the lead on his head when he made the sketch on that carnivorous plant.

  • TreDay1
    TreDay14 måneder siden


  • UltraphantomYTB
    UltraphantomYTB4 måneder siden

    mine just came in tonight i love this thing keep it up bro

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    Monkey Banana4 måneder siden

    I want this!

  • Neamiah
    Neamiah4 måneder siden

    I literally came back to this video to say that I just got my Youtoonz today, and bro it's fire🔥🔥🔥

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    Kanesha Hill4 måneder siden

    😩 they’re sold out!

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    Juan Piña4 måneder siden

    I just got mine today FINALLYYYYYYYYY

  • LHAnthony
    LHAnthony4 måneder siden

    Mine came in :). It's looking cool. I have it sitting on my desk. Keep making funny content :D.

  • Gabriel H
    Gabriel H4 måneder siden

    Caleb: This is not a sketch NOlocal community: *Impossible*

  • Revol Reggin
    Revol Reggin4 måneder siden

    Where's the hat though.

  • Said Besic
    Said Besic5 måneder siden


  • Mkhululi Tlotleng
    Mkhululi Tlotleng5 måneder siden

    I live in sa and I want one 😭

  • Released9yne
    Released9yne5 måneder siden

    What’s the name of the background music?

  • TreDay1


    4 måneder siden

    Neat freak by i don't know by who

  • Rival Da Rapper
    Rival Da Rapper5 måneder siden

    Brooooo they sold out!!!! Tell me you got more coming

  • TreDay1


    4 måneder siden

    There's no more

  • grub time
    grub time5 måneder siden

    Fun fact: the leaf on his head is a reference to the “first plant to become a Venus fly trap” video

  • Frank Coley
    Frank Coley5 måneder siden

    How is this Down Voted? Why is this DownVoted? 🤔

  • Lailat a luminous night
    Lailat a luminous night5 måneder siden

    He's so funny

  • Ripmalikk
    Ripmalikk5 måneder siden

    I hate how fake a lot of your subs are, you work your ass off to make great content (which does amazing btw) . But when you post a video like this that your being semi serious in, it doesn’t do even half as good. Man the lack of support. I love your vids Dawg keep it up, and i look forward to buying some of your clothing and a Youtooz

  • Daniyaal Noor
    Daniyaal Noor5 måneder siden

    *patiently waits for the sketch to start*

  • Kookin It Keto Keto
    Kookin It Keto Keto5 måneder siden

    The leaf on his head is from the plant vid

    KXNRAN.5 måneder siden

    That leaf in the middle of his forehead giving me anxiety

  • Blu Chaos
    Blu Chaos6 måneder siden


  • Just call me Yuca, simps.
    Just call me Yuca, simps.6 måneder siden

    Can’t wait to get it if i can

  • Koko Cute Dog
    Koko Cute Dog6 måneder siden

    *reads title* I’ll be the judge of that! *after watching* i feel betrayed

  • silver Ewe
    silver Ewe6 måneder siden

    I wish the figure was him folding

  • -Adewn -
    -Adewn -6 måneder siden

    Longbeachgriffy need one of these

  • Fried Jesus
    Fried Jesus6 måneder siden

    It’s Leaf 🍃 💀💀😭

  • Andrei Buenafe
    Andrei Buenafe6 måneder siden

    Bro every time he cuts I think there’s going to be a twist

  • Og Skinny
    Og Skinny6 måneder siden

    I just re watched the fly trap video before watching this one

  • KCRC Gaming
    KCRC Gaming6 måneder siden

    I want meat I WANT TO CHEEEWWW

  • d00mdrag0n101
    d00mdrag0n1016 måneder siden

    what chair is that doe

  • DdubizL Does it
    DdubizL Does it6 måneder siden

    That hoodie tho I envy

  • Qdogg Mc543
    Qdogg Mc5436 måneder siden

    If you had on your glasses you'd look like Malcolm x

  • Hapa Boi
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  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia6 måneder siden

    permanent clothing items I hope (since im broke right now).

  • Malik Gaskin
    Malik Gaskin6 måneder siden

    My guy.. The pastel hoodies you had were FIRE! we need more merch. Ots 👀

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple6 måneder siden

    Caleb please I know it's been 3 years but please make a full version of this nolocal.info/have/video/r4N-gbiOxn-xrJA song, I will comment this on each of your videos 2 times.

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple6 måneder siden

    Caleb please I know it's been 3 years but please make a full version of this nolocal.info/have/video/r4N-gbiOxn-xrJA song, I will comment this on each of your videos 2 times.

  • KingLuke
    KingLuke6 måneder siden

    I would love to collaborate with you

  • Boro
    Boro6 måneder siden

    Bruh I'm tired of these IH77 ad like wtf idle legends are on some drugs

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    Sebastian Bech Nielsen6 måneder siden

    If the sword can unsheathe, I am not getting it

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    Got my Caleb YouTooz ordered! 😃

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    That hoody cool

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    Caleb, what chair do you have?

  • Dontai Matthews
    Dontai Matthews6 måneder siden

    I probably have to confirm im a human for the giveaway 😂😂

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  • adrian felipe
    adrian felipe6 måneder siden

    My friends: shows pokemon Also my friends: *This is the Blue eyed White dragon figure* Me, an intellectual: yes, yes... but have you seen mine? *Shows Caleb figure*

  • Labid Maad
    Labid Maad6 måneder siden

    This isnt a comedy video but it's still funny for some reason

  • Labid Maad

    Labid Maad

    6 måneder siden

    I know right

  • Craig Barton
    Craig Barton6 måneder siden

    Dear young Black Men you’re valued! nolocal.info/have/video/r4mCbN6Ploix264

  • The Tall Giraffe Man 20
    The Tall Giraffe Man 206 måneder siden

    Only the true fans clicked on this video. If you don’t watch a vid just because it’s not a sketch. Shame on you. Jk prolly just busy.

  • Dorkatron Vlogs
    Dorkatron Vlogs6 måneder siden

    Really love how you get to the point, deliver & dio instead of beating around the bush for 5 minutes with fancy talk respect caleb 🙏🏽

  • trinity senpai
    trinity senpai6 måneder siden

    Dat hoodie

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    Showing love from the UK, just placed a pre-order 🖤🖤🖤 xx

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  • mettum
    mettum6 måneder siden

    Wouldn’t it be funny if every time you moved it, it just teleported back and screamed TIME LOOP?

  • Table Juice
    Table Juice6 måneder siden

    when I saw the fox main reference i started dying

  • Kendrell Alexander-Bostic
    Kendrell Alexander-Bostic6 måneder siden

    Ight ,Peace.

  • AzaanBOT 333
    AzaanBOT 3336 måneder siden

    (not a sketch) you mean skit?

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    I want *MEAT.* *I WANNA CHEW NOW.*

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    i gota cop that youtooz no cap

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    What are you talking about ? Your life is a Sketch

  • Mohd Jazib
    Mohd Jazib6 måneder siden

    Dope beats Bruv keep it up nigga that some dope shit you got there. i have a friend called royson tom roy from al nuamiya near GMC hospital in ajman his school is ENS he is in 9-B. he will come in the emirates national school bus to ajman he is super rich go rob him\

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    Maaan, I needed this figure to be released 2 months _ago,_ or 2 months from _now._ Saving up for Christmas has my wallet bone-dry.

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    WHERES YOUR NOSE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

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    Pin this if you care about your fans

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    This will do fine with my plant collection.

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    The Youtooz is literal fire! He’s sitting on fire!!!

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    Lol everytime a new one comes so does a giveaway