In a Zombie apocalypse...


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  • Simon
    Simon2 timer siden

    I love express vpn

    MR PHATWIZARD4 timer siden

    Hmmmmm I wonder if the virus is alien

  • Raghav fine arts
    Raghav fine arts10 timer siden


  • opal tree
    opal tree14 timer siden

    That ending is the truth

  • Onee- Chan
    Onee- Chan15 timer siden

    Everyone: talking about the video me: BEAST merch :)

  • Seth Dupuis
    Seth Dupuis15 timer siden


  • Natalia
    Natalia15 timer siden

    Mans did a splash of Coca Cola in the sink! 🤣🤣

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda21 time siden

    Why is this so true

  • Mikhail Sanchez
    Mikhail SanchezDag siden

    "I just think it be cool to fight zombies bru" "ShIt nEgRo dAs AlL u HaD tO sAy."

  • no ones here
    no ones hereDag siden

    Imagine mr beast gives him 10000 cash bc he wear his merchandise 🤣

  • David Ndiokho
    David NdiokhoDag siden

    You know there is a very easy way to stop the apocalypse, just carry baits(dummies with blood that has been donated and organs), use bots to move it, send the angel of death(it is an airplane (. ❛ ᴗ ❛ )), finally carry a lot of smoke detector and use it to build a nuke(yes it is possible) or just use the available uranium and create a nuke, create a safe house(extreme safe house), and fire all the nukes on Earth. You may ask "But what of the innocent people?". Everyone is innocent, including the zombies, they just want food and we want survival. P.S DON'T MAKE NUKE AT HOME P.S Survival means more technological advancement, meaning better games, meaning waifus and husbandos being real(*´ω`*)

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus WilliamsDag siden

    To be honest thats the only reason I'd be in a zombie apocalypse to, So I can fight fucking zombies

  • Dr. Flug
    Dr. Flug2 dager siden

    This is just how I feel about regular life

  • Manuel Herazo
    Manuel Herazo2 dager siden

    3:30 *Pepe the frog will be the last surivor*

  • noah galouchko
    noah galouchko2 dager siden

    ARCHER !

  • Salah Lee
    Salah Lee2 dager siden

    when my lil bro wana play

  • Hegatin Ekul
    Hegatin Ekul2 dager siden

    1:18 lmfao vibe on life 2:12 destroyed XD

  • Rax Randoms
    Rax Randoms2 dager siden

    So no one gotta talk about he's wearing MrBest Merch XD

  • blue thunder's animations
    blue thunder's animations2 dager siden

    Beast merch

  • ssk
    ssk2 dager siden

    why you gonna leave the house you safe in to find a much more smaller house?

  • Bug Lover
    Bug Lover2 dager siden

    Let's gooooooo

  • CTCRCP Nissen
    CTCRCP Nissen2 dager siden

    He had Mr beast Merch lol!!!

  • Ookami
    Ookami2 dager siden

    Bought my sword and bow for such an occasion 🤗

  • Haralds Aboltins
    Haralds Aboltins2 dager siden

    Mr beast shirt

  • No thanks
    No thanks2 dager siden

    LMFAO I THINK ABOUT THIS EBERY DAY. Count me ALL the way the fuck out. Baby lock them door and bring the canned food out

  • Seamus
    Seamus2 dager siden

    I feel like his sink or pipes ended up breaking and spitting out brown water so he just built a video around that lmao

  • Francis Olsson
    Francis Olsson2 dager siden

    Bro you're hilarious, been watching your videos all day

  • Probably Alex
    Probably Alex2 dager siden

    Guy: gets eaten by zombies NOlocal subtitles: [Music]

  • Sadvato!
    Sadvato!2 dager siden

    I’ve watched this so many times. Can you do a full zombie series? Just like yeah

  • Jordan Walters
    Jordan Walters3 dager siden

    My plan for a zombie apocalypse is a makeshift guillotine, there's no chance I would survive day one, and I am guaranteed to die a gruesome, slow and painful death. I just hope that there's never a hoax that causes me to go full French Revolution on myself perpetually.

  • Triple AL
    Triple AL3 dager siden

    "Look, i just think it'll be cool to fight zombies bro." Me: Ah, yes. The negotiator.

  • ownhog
    ownhog3 dager siden

    Am i the only one that would take all hairspray and similar things to burn down the city... em. I meant Zombies

  • Sean Pfistner
    Sean Pfistner3 dager siden

    Nikolai is upset...

  • jvymx 132
    jvymx 1323 dager siden

    ive watched this video like 5 times, and just not now relized he wearing a mr.beast hoodie

  • vossler25
    vossler253 dager siden

    “I just thought it would be cool to kill zombies” every single person in the world “you son of a bitch I’m in”

  • TheDangerNoodle
    TheDangerNoodle3 dager siden

    3:32 This be lots of our reactions dont lie

  • Travis Wilkins
    Travis Wilkins3 dager siden

    caleb lowkey only went cus the internet went down

  • Kobe richguy
    Kobe richguy4 dager siden

    Bro zombie apocalypse is every kid dream bro I would be glad to be in one but I dont plan to die.

  • Shy_ donut
    Shy_ donut4 dager siden

    Tbh if I was in a zombie apocalypse I would just run out into the streets and get it over with🥴I'm not gonna suffer slowly.

  • adonis nikundiwe
    adonis nikundiwe4 dager siden

    It's the "noooo" for me😂

  • james sayshi
    james sayshi4 dager siden

    Your vids are amazing!!

  • Elalex _489
    Elalex _4894 dager siden

    "Theres an zombie apocalipsis" The asmatic guy: yea count me out

  • Neev
    Neev4 dager siden

    Y'all notice he's wearing Mr. Beast merch.

  • Arm Jim14
    Arm Jim144 dager siden

    Honestly me 100%! I don’t get the walking dead I’ll just die dude

  • Oscar Salazar
    Oscar Salazar4 dager siden

    If Caleb was allowed to direct a Zombie movie, George Romero would actually like it probably. It's been said he thinks most Zombie movies have severely missed the mark, to how it glorifies post Apocalypse scenarios. Why would you root for society to break down? Caleb actually got it right.

  • Mark Castellanet
    Mark Castellanet4 dager siden

    I was humored by this until that last line and I about died.

  • Yakarot Sennin
    Yakarot Sennin4 dager siden

    “You can try the next house, not interested...” How to deflect jehovah witnesses with pin point accuracy

  • Lemons.247
    Lemons.2474 dager siden

    Here's the thing is that you will have soap in a bed and water and stuff it will eventually run out maybe but you'll have it that's what I'd say

  • Korin _boru
    Korin _boru4 dager siden

    What did he say i didn't hear it 3:30

  • Korin _boru

    Korin _boru

    4 dager siden

    @desast ok thx dude

  • desast


    4 dager siden

    "Look i just think I'd be cool to fight zombie bro"

  • Random Half-Life videos
    Random Half-Life videos4 dager siden

    3:19 NOlocal captions: *M U S I C.*

  • Devin Terrell
    Devin Terrell4 dager siden


  • Sonata Tracey
    Sonata Tracey5 dager siden

    EXACTLY. I've been saying that the moment I knew zombies could run, I'd be done. Tapping out IMMEDIATELY. Ntm if those mfs could swim. There'd be no point! And having to play at survival with other humans- 🤚🏾 it's not realistic. It's just not realistic.

  • LukeThePotatoMan
    LukeThePotatoMan5 dager siden

    Apocalypses make no sense, and all these are great points

  • Anthni
    Anthni5 dager siden

    yo imma need that black jacket he got on? where dat at?

  • chris
    chris5 dager siden

    He got the mrbeast mearch to

  • Acesprune
    Acesprune5 dager siden

    Even in the apocalypse people be repin' Mr Beast

    HELLO THERE6 dager siden

    He is wearing the beast merch

  • Lui Bank
    Lui Bank6 dager siden


  • Muscab Noor
    Muscab Noor6 dager siden

    lol so true

  • Xavier
    Xavier6 dager siden

    Ima be real if there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d probably kill myself, I’m a coward

  • Jayden Dixon
    Jayden Dixon7 dager siden

    but why was it really brown

  • SpotWasTaken
    SpotWasTaken7 dager siden

    You know I just realized he's wearing a mr beast hoodie.

  • Taeko Chan
    Taeko Chan8 dager siden

    OK I'm siding with yellow Caleb I'll miss taking a bath 😂

  • FalseRadiation
    FalseRadiation8 dager siden

    Just plant some potato mines down and put wall nuts

  • James Holdeman
    James Holdeman8 dager siden

    He got that beast hoodie✌🏾respect

  • Mouree Mou
    Mouree Mou9 dager siden

    My man is wearing the donut mr beast shirt Secret admirer :D

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto9 dager siden

    I think it would be cool to fight zombie bro you should of just said that lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Blood Spectre
    Blood Spectre9 dager siden

    I too, think fighting zombies is cool idc if i die becoz i die cool 😎

  • tigist Geresu
    tigist Geresu9 dager siden

    Oh cmon who is afraid of some kinda... ZOMBIE

  • Łunaticツ
    Łunaticツ9 dager siden

    Mr beast merch lol

  • god himself
    god himself10 dager siden

    bro the thumbnail looks like he lost his mom in the grocery store

  • Jake Lingala
    Jake Lingala10 dager siden

    You have the mrbeast merch

  • Ethan M. dela Rosa
    Ethan M. dela Rosa10 dager siden

    Wow you have a mr beast shirt

  • iron - E
    iron - E10 dager siden

    Depends on how fast they run, really.

  • Cierra Cruz
    Cierra Cruz10 dager siden

    Brought to you by Mr beast

  • Ronnie Yates
    Ronnie Yates10 dager siden

    Is... is that pepe the frog in the background?

  • Aydin Hakim
    Aydin Hakim10 dager siden

    Ain’t anyone gonna appreciate him wearing beast merch

  • Fully Trippy
    Fully Trippy10 dager siden

    Reminds me of my black homie trying to camp with white dudes and hes texting me like bro these dudes tryin to kill me. Haha no they joke......anyway he learned a love

  • Fully Trippy
    Fully Trippy10 dager siden

    Can we use a vickle?

  • York Barnes
    York Barnes10 dager siden


  • weezact7
    weezact710 dager siden

    My friend said that if there was ever a zombie apocalypses (or possibly any other kind of apocalypses) he'd just straight-up shoot himself in the head. Mostly for the reasons this guy mentions, though also because he figures he's gonna end up dead soon anyway and it's gonna be MUCH slower and more painful than a bullet to the brain. Personally, I think a world where I only have to worry about daily survival would would be a relief from all the anxiety and stupid, nebulous shit I worry about every day. Having my mind occupied purely with immediate, concrete concerns with measurable progress toward a solution (ie, I am hungry and therefore need to find more food) would be pretty great by comparison.

  • K so
    K so11 dager siden

    I'm pulling an I am legend and bunkering down with my dogs

  • Aimrurt
    Aimrurt11 dager siden

    The only reason I would live in a zombie apocalypse is the physical manifestation of "Man literally too angry to die", it's like when im at a party, I dont have much energy unless I got motivation, and some undead people coming after me are the perfect motivation to just go crazy you know?

  • taylor carr
    taylor carr11 dager siden

    Now what if I told you a zombie apocalypse is extremely possible and likely. It already exists on small scales in ant colonies and among spiders

  • Menacing Mario
    Menacing Mario11 dager siden


  • BlueLine48
    BlueLine4812 dager siden

    No matter what, an average zombie apocalypse won't last much longer than, say, a month. What's the one thing you never see zombies never do? Drinking water. They never take in water to help keep their bodies mobile and flexible. They'll literally dry out and rot just by shambling in the sun. If you're anywhere with temperature extremes like the snow or the desert it's even faster. Hotter areas like Nevada or California will have them dry out faster, and colder areas like Alaska or Europe will have them freeze faster since they don't generate body warmth. The only time a zombie apocalypse is deadly is the initial onset when people are confused and keep getting bit due to not expecting to fight for their lives.

  • Jikrin
    Jikrin12 dager siden

    Bruh, being killed quietly isn't in my blood. Even if my house was surrounded I would set the whole house on fire and take out as many enemies as I can with my life.

  • Ja'kel Alexander
    Ja'kel Alexander12 dager siden

    om not layin on no ground facs

  • Xtremium
    Xtremium12 dager siden

    Anybody notice Caleb was wearing Beast mech?

  • Ray Recall
    Ray Recall12 dager siden

    "ALreaDY StARVinG"

  • Loki Growing
    Loki Growing13 dager siden

    I just think it will be cool 2 fight 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ bro 🤷🏾‍♂️. Awe OK you should've lead with that 🤣🤣🤣

  • M g
    M g13 dager siden

    So funny.

  • Mike Henny
    Mike Henny13 dager siden

    Benefits of living out a Zombie Apocalypse: -Literally nothing -you can fight zombies and see how far you get

  • Ranime
    Ranime13 dager siden

  • ً
    ً14 dager siden

    Ill just suicide if this does happen

  • Rem Gaming
    Rem Gaming14 dager siden

    S O A P

  • Bracken Cribbs
    Bracken Cribbs14 dager siden

    “I just think it would be cool to fight zombies” That’s exactly what my brother would say. When COVID broke out he was honest to god hoping the dead would reanimate.

  • Axel Dobbins
    Axel Dobbins15 dager siden

    2021 feels like an apocalypse too ngl

  • Doctor Chaotic
    Doctor Chaotic15 dager siden

    "Internet's out." Left 4 dead players:"have i ever tell you about the time that-"

  • Christian Ilario
    Christian Ilario15 dager siden

    i just realized man's got the mr beast merch