If people in anime actually took their bleeding serious.


They legit act like its a knee scrap
Oddwin - 19


  • FullCharge
    FullChargeTime siden

    Anime power is directly proportional to how much blood they have, most protagonists can bleed for good few hours at the weaker end to literal days for the high end of the power scaling.

  • Chế Duy Khang
    Chế Duy Khang11 timer siden

    "How can somebody be that weak come on bro" - said me to myself

  • 49ersBoss
    49ersBoss20 timer siden

    Are we going to ignore the fact that the description says knee scrap instead of knee scrape

  • Canter1Ter
    Canter1Ter23 timer siden

    1:18 And you dare to kiss your mother with this mouth...

  • Jacki Person
    Jacki PersonDag siden

    I legit kept thinking this just when watching Your Lie in April, whenever he'd get hit with a baseball or kicked mad hard. Like, why you got to mess with the traumatized kid like that?

  • Yan
    YanDag siden

    fr tho i be getting papercuts and it bothers me for the whole day and on the otherhand anime characters be, well yk how they be

  • Greg Schoellhammer
    Greg SchoellhammerDag siden

    0:09 that was a GLORIOUS edit

  • Joseph Stern
    Joseph Stern2 dager siden

    lol watch demon slayer that anime is so true to this

  • Big Chuggus
    Big Chuggus3 dager siden

    that’s me anytime I bleed

  • Ra Ra
    Ra Ra3 dager siden


  • Badass Owais
    Badass Owais6 dager siden

    When he punched himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • usman academy
    usman academy6 dager siden

    Caleb's got the best fighting style

  • BQUI
    BQUI6 dager siden

    My guy got punched into reality 🤣

  • The Grey Wanderer
    The Grey Wanderer7 dager siden

    The latest samurai anime on Netflix had Yasuke splitting people in half with his sword because you know they would just keep fighting if they merely got slashed open & lost half their blood in seconds.

  • Chiroko
    Chiroko7 dager siden

    deku: I'ma pretend I didn't see that

  • Nightmare Games
    Nightmare Games7 dager siden

    Re:zero is a perfect example am I wrong?

  • Trhover
    Trhover8 dager siden

    Jojo be like

  • Thunderstorm Gaming
    Thunderstorm Gaming8 dager siden

    Anime characters : get hit by the truck Also anime characters : doesn't bleed

  • Innocence
    Innocence8 dager siden

    Naruto vs Sasuke had me thinking they had infinite blood reserves

  • Brother Ronardo
    Brother Ronardo9 dager siden


  • Michael Carmine
    Michael Carmine10 dager siden

    anime character: gets whipped also anime character: i dont give a hella crap. anime charcter whenever he gets punched by the main bad guy: *bleeds more than enough blood to bleed to death*

  • Lys
    Lys10 dager siden

    All might in his last battle with all for one: bleeding? What bleeding

  • Invasion
    Invasion10 dager siden

    Does anyone know the version of dejalo instrumental he used

  • Amir Ruffin
    Amir Ruffin11 dager siden

    1:17 I know that hurted lol

  • Cory Keelan
    Cory Keelan12 dager siden

    I love the villain from psycho pass

  • Just Some Guy without a Cool Tattoo
    Just Some Guy without a Cool Tattoo12 dager siden

    0:52 Bruh, like any punch in the gut means spitting out a ton of blood. It means literally nothing as both protagonists and antagonists shrug it off in the next bout. Grow some balls!

  • Simon Tran
    Simon Tran13 dager siden

    nobody Anime characters when their ARMS GOT CUT OFF tis but a scratch

  • Mike Henny
    Mike Henny13 dager siden

    Kind of reminds me of the minor characters that look on going "he, survived that attack... there's, no way..."

  • Ranime
    Ranime13 dager siden

    Nauto vs Boruto: nolocal.info/have/video/rYqJhKujnJeEsog

  • Maayan384
    Maayan38413 dager siden

    0:35 use 30% of my.. behp....

  • Andile Zikalala
    Andile Zikalala13 dager siden

    "AM I READY??!' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Palmer
    Gabriel Palmer15 dager siden

    Enough talking! SCRAP!!

  • Katar
    Katar15 dager siden

    All his videos always make me laugh xD

  • KilluaComeHome e
    KilluaComeHome e15 dager siden

    Anime fighting: EPICNESS Reality fighting: *s l a p i n g n o i s e s*

  • Shadowdrip Break
    Shadowdrip Break16 dager siden

    Giorno had his rib broken a hole in his lung his arm fractured and he didn’t care

  • JÄGER Boi
    JÄGER Boi16 dager siden

    He’s alive cause of plot armor

  • Just_MYTHIC
    Just_MYTHIC16 dager siden

    Why is he so hilarious😂😂

  • Riley Woodard
    Riley Woodard16 dager siden

    This dudes debate with himself was so intense it lagged my iPad

  • Akmal Lk
    Akmal Lk16 dager siden

    This is making me mad you spilled something on that white floor or carpet idk

  • Crazy Giraffe
    Crazy Giraffe16 dager siden

    Closes thing i have seen to this was all might vs nomu in mha

  • superbonterboy
    superbonterboy16 dager siden

    0:15 jotaro vs dio irl

  • Kelly G
    Kelly G16 dager siden

    It's like when the characters in Naruto bite their thumb and draw blood to activate the Summoning Jutsu. Like..... Dude...... Are you gonna get that stitched up later or.....?

  • Christian
    Christian16 dager siden

    yEEEEES! 😂

  • Gungywamp
    Gungywamp17 dager siden

    A villain whose entire reason for villainy is being the only being in the world to have to abide by real-logic instead of anime-logic would be pretty interesting, not gonna lie.

  • Bomber79_
    Bomber79_17 dager siden

    0:08 is it just me or is that a clean cut

  • ✨remi Remix gaming✨
    ✨remi Remix gaming✨17 dager siden

    This happened in every anime I watched XD

  • 情けないウィーアブー
    情けないウィーアブー17 dager siden

    “How is he still alive?” [Ancient Aliens Meme] *Healing factor*

  • Micah Sims
    Micah Sims18 dager siden

    Basically Ban every episode 🤣

  • Pete Mize
    Pete Mize18 dager siden

    Bro this vid you made, made me weak 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jack Crossems
    Jack Crossems18 dager siden

    "so you're done fighting?" "yeeEEEEEs"

  • Iconic
    Iconic18 dager siden

    And when this happens they spit out gallons of blood and after the fight they get a bandage on their nose and says their fine

  • A n d y S
    A n d y S18 dager siden

    The way he acts about the internal blood coming out makes my body recoil. I feel my body internally bleeding

  • Ballas George
    Ballas George18 dager siden

    So true

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle19 dager siden


  • Grace Sun
    Grace Sun19 dager siden

    1:18 OoHbLuH

  • Breadoggo
    Breadoggo19 dager siden

    Bruh when the Orange guy puncher himself i disc😂

  • Breadoggo


    19 dager siden


  • Breadoggo


    19 dager siden


  • Breadoggo


    19 dager siden


  • Breadoggo


    19 dager siden


  • Breadoggo


    19 dager siden


  • Lord Viktor Cromwell
    Lord Viktor Cromwell19 dager siden

    The Joestar line in a nutshell right there.

  • Rubber dragon slayer
    Rubber dragon slayer19 dager siden

    0:07 finally a protagonist that don’t wait for the villain to say his evil speech/power up I have only seen this once before eren would be proud

  • _MemoryCore_
    _MemoryCore_19 dager siden

    I bet that smoothie tasted good

  • Sa Chan
    Sa Chan19 dager siden

    This is like almost no anime ever

  • Josiah G,
    Josiah G,20 dager siden

    For those that have ears let them hear our father God is coming back with his son Jesus that died on the cross years back and I’m not going to force you to worship but just know that Jesus will love you till the days John 3:15 ►

  • Yari V
    Yari V20 dager siden

    Can we have Villan Caleb roleplay asmr 👁👄👁🥺❤

  • Louin Green
    Louin Green20 dager siden

    That first punch was so well edited tho

  • Aaron Sanchez
    Aaron Sanchez22 dager siden

    I think i'm crying "enough talking scrap!"

  • Klimesh Ghimire
    Klimesh Ghimire27 dager siden

    Protagonist: kills the villain Antagonists: did you really thought that i would be killed just by dying?

  • K Flowers
    K Flowers28 dager siden

    Don't forget Chinese Fantasy dramas. People spit out blood, you think something is seriously wrong, but nope. It was just a little harder than expected.

  • Ismail Elbibary
    Ismail Elbibary28 dager siden

    In ATLA: I am Zuko, and when my father blasted me with fire the effects were realistic. Everyone else: wE gEt BlAsTeD bY rOcKs, ImPaLeD bY iCe, ShOt WiTh FiRe AnD sLaMmEd ArOuNd By AiR!!!!! aNd NoThInG hApPeNs To Us!!!!!

  • cap is my last name
    cap is my last nameMåned siden

    If it looks good then it most be good.

  • StrangerX
    StrangerXMåned siden

    "How is he still alive?" The same way you're still alive. PLOT.

  • J
    JMåned siden

    cranapple juice or ketchup

  • Hybrid Prince.
    Hybrid Prince.Måned siden

    The “ how is he still alive gets me every time

  • Swallow_Skyla
    Swallow_SkylaMåned siden

    This must be like Episode 500 if the main character can perform speed blitzes like that ⚡

  • tormod hag
    tormod hagMåned siden

    I thought it was gonna be the exploding nosebleeds when they see a girl. How do they never think that its maybe not a good sign for their health?

  • Isaias Calder
    Isaias CalderMåned siden

    You should be an actor my nigga i would watch all of ur movies

  • dogluke
    doglukeMåned siden

    ble blup

  • Tech Pro
    Tech ProMåned siden

    I tried so hard not to laugh

  • Frosted Chili
    Frosted ChiliMåned siden

    “How are you still alive”

  • Ancient PhoenX
    Ancient PhoenXMåned siden

    If this was actual anime Black Sweater (BS) : Hmm, seems I underestimated you. In that case I will use 50 percent of my power! Orange Sweater (OS): Wha- 50? BS: Yes I was only using ten before. OS: (How am I gonna beat him if he was only using 10 percent of his power? I only managed one hit!) BS: Yes, Yes! Quake in your shoes as you should! OS: No, he's bluffing! I'll just have to fight my hardest until the very end! BS: Oh it seems you still have the mental stability to even fight me. OS: Yes yes I do! BS: Well enough of this talking. Let's continue *smirks* OS: *Punches rapidly* BS: *Blocks and dodges punches* *15 seconds of Throwing, blocking and dodging punches they leap back a great distance and come at each other again* OS: *Throws a might punch* BS: *Dodges under the punch and lands a mightier punch on his stomach* OS: *Coughs a solid 2 liters of blood* BS: Seems like you can't beat me can you? OS: I can... and... I... WILL! OS: *Has flash backs of all the friends he lost* OS: *Stands up* BS: That was my most powerful punch! Well at this limitation at least. TIME TO USE 100 PERCENT OF MY POW- OS: *drills fist through his entire torso* BS: How... OS: Never underestimate anyone even if they look weak and frail. If they land one hit they may land another. BS: *dies* OS: *walls away approximately 7 steps then passes out* Narrator: This was the story of how a legendary hero defeated the most powerful villain in there world in just 2 hits. See you next time on Demon Titan Z!

  • Corretta gamejewels
    Corretta gamejewelsMåned siden

    What kind of hero is this? He didn't call the hospital. Was he afraid he would get sued or go to jail? 😂😂

  • Andy Oddman
    Andy OddmanMåned siden

    I can actually see this being a character in a gag comedy shounen like one punch man

  • Nerd Vally
    Nerd VallyMåned siden

    "How are you still alive? How? How can you live? Why??"

  • demented gamer
    demented gamerMåned siden

    Bro NOlocalr of the year

  • Sweet Love
    Sweet LoveMåned siden

    His whole voice changed 😭

  • sydney soup
    sydney soupMåned siden

    i smell hunter x hunter

  • derausmpark
    derausmparkMåned siden

    Itachi, is that you?

  • Herschelle Eric Datt
    Herschelle Eric DattMåned siden

    Looks so good nice editing AND acting

  • Boppo Jr
    Boppo JrMåned siden

    The calebverse has some of the best heros and villains

  • Fear Xlyo
    Fear XlyoMåned siden

    These are the type of people to put all their skill points in their attack stat.

  • Skateboarding Banana
    Skateboarding BananaMåned siden

    They be cutting them in half and be like oh just a scratch

  • Crit ubers
    Crit ubersMåned siden

    "Is just blood come on!" Bro what-

  • Jyaire Davis
    Jyaire DavisMåned siden


  • Guy Ofkaillera
    Guy OfkailleraMåned siden


  • Gregor Santamaria
    Gregor SantamariaMåned siden

    If he wasnt using his full power then that means just use more and that means your healing power and durability power goes up

  • Mr Doolittle
    Mr DoolittleMåned siden

    When ever he like fight there's clapping sounds

  • T T
    T TMåned siden

    Love it!

  • Snudge
    SnudgeMåned siden

    Fr they be getting up from a Universe destroying punch

  • I’m in a Box
    I’m in a BoxMåned siden

    1:08 The way he said YEEES

  • The Future Fighters
    The Future FightersMåned siden


  • quip
    quipMåned siden

    Music at 0:53? Its not oddwin - 19. but sounds sick

  • Yukito kamiya
    Yukito kamiyaMåned siden

    imagine if people woldnt feel a thing when they get there ribs or other body parts broken and it wold just keep on fighthing :O