I hate the "I am not a robot" verification.


I can literally do these test correctly , they just HATE me.
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  • H i
    H i8 timer siden

    This kinda hurts 2 watch. Because it's my life when I'm trying to do anything online.

  • Mahathir Wildan
    Mahathir Wildan13 timer siden

    i got my now, I GOT IT.

  • Caleb Waddell
    Caleb Waddell20 timer siden

    That's what it's like scheduling driving appointments with my driving school. You wait 5 minutes after this month's schedule is out and all of the driving appointments are booked.

  • PBJJ Studio's
    PBJJ Studio'sDag siden

    The funny thing is you have to be a robot to pass.

  • Avocado
    AvocadoDag siden

    Hmmmmmmm not gonna lie this is really true T H I S I S T R U E

  • Hussain Nasser
    Hussain NasserDag siden

    Partial differential equations hits u hard

  • smallpete
    smallpeteDag siden

    i like that he used show love by logic as one of the beats

  • MuseHijinks
    MuseHijinks2 dager siden

    Tryna buy a new video card like

  • My comment be like:
    My comment be like:2 dager siden

    Captcha be like: reject humanity, transform to robot

  • Shiny marshadow
    Shiny marshadow2 dager siden


  • stefan elbæk
    stefan elbæk2 dager siden

    i bet the correct answers to all those insane math problems, would be skip. no normal human would be able to do that XD

  • Arnav singh
    Arnav singh2 dager siden

    LOL, on 2:08 the solution was on the bottom xD

    YAMERO CAT3 dager siden

    Everyone hate this verification and it's everywhere on Internet.

  • Virtual_
    Virtual_3 dager siden

    Getting a ps5 be like

  • Devin Sierra
    Devin Sierra3 dager siden

    I can't even use incognito because of this supid verification test that resets. Even if i get it right

  • luv live
    luv live3 dager siden


  • poisonhemlock
    poisonhemlock3 dager siden

    Have you considered that you might be a robot?

    PATRICK SCHWEGMANN3 dager siden

    1:57 Song name?

  • Steve2907
    Steve29073 dager siden

    small earholes hahahahahahaha your a different breed for sure

  • MrBubus
    MrBubus3 dager siden

    That one smart kid “easy”

  • XrealmzBoxedU
    XrealmzBoxedU3 dager siden

    they sold out :C

  • Loengrind
    Loengrind4 dager siden

    What if he's a robot and that's why he sees incomprehensible stuff?

  • Malko Jex
    Malko Jex4 dager siden

    It’s trynna verify my humanity man 😂

  • Æilert Argenthorne
    Æilert Argenthorne4 dager siden

    Luke Skywalker and his robot hand:

  • O.T Genasis [AMV]
    O.T Genasis [AMV]4 dager siden

    Next question is having him write code in html

  • O.T Genasis [AMV]
    O.T Genasis [AMV]4 dager siden

    The im not a robot thing be so hard we be getting it wrong

  • naijaboygangsta
    naijaboygangsta4 dager siden

    Getting ps5 at launch in a nutshell

  • ShyGuy Is a Beast
    ShyGuy Is a Beast4 dager siden

    No cap though, this is exactly what had happened on the release of the PS5

  • ShyGuy Is a Beast
    ShyGuy Is a Beast4 dager siden

    No cap though, this is exactly what had happened on the release of the PS5

  • IsaiahGaming
    IsaiahGaming4 dager siden

    Wouldn't we feel more like robots if we got the verification correct

  • creepyone 33
    creepyone 335 dager siden

    Plot Twist: He's a robot

  • SK Classified
    SK Classified5 dager siden

    My man always sleeps like a pretzel

  • King Onei
    King Onei6 dager siden

    It seems like I went through the same car verification that was shown on the screen. The little will spilled out to the other block and I didn't know whether to pick it or not. I am not a robot

  • HerobrineXPc
    HerobrineXPc6 dager siden

    This is what is feels like when a new graphics card is released

  • mofo
    mofo7 dager siden

    This video fcken kills me 😂

  • Fairy Blu
    Fairy Blu8 dager siden

    I am still in school and even I can't remember the quadratic formula.

  • kenkashi501
    kenkashi5018 dager siden

    Basically the ps5 release...

  • Domein HG
    Domein HG8 dager siden

    Wouldn't you be suspected as a robot if you dot those questions right?

  • SnappleSteve 123
    SnappleSteve 1239 dager siden

    “It’s trying to verify my HUMANITY!!”

  • AuzGod
    AuzGod9 dager siden

    2:05 Math teacher: told you you needed this

  • Qaim Abbas
    Qaim Abbas10 dager siden

    2:26 hahahahaha omg 😳

  • Kevin Doku
    Kevin Doku10 dager siden

    Was I the only one who took the time to solve the rocket kinematic problem?

  • Jalen Graham
    Jalen Graham10 dager siden

    This is so relatable

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S.10 dager siden

    So that's why school teaches us these things

  • Juan Guzman
    Juan Guzman11 dager siden

    Bro I the SNKRS app be real

  • owab fudol
    owab fudol11 dager siden

    You could of just told him way before

  • Lon W
    Lon W12 dager siden

    Me actually knowing wut the quadratic formula Me: perfectly timed

  • Diamante Rose Uzumaki
    Diamante Rose Uzumaki12 dager siden

    I was crying with laughter omg

  • the g nn
    the g nn12 dager siden

    LOL The only reason I haven't gotten that far is cause I usually get it in the first 3 tries Phew

  • Rurouni Kalain
    Rurouni Kalain12 dager siden

    Small ear plugs gang rise up!

  • ItsH4RV
    ItsH4RV13 dager siden

    Alternate title: trying to buy the PS5

  • TheRealAdityaYT
    TheRealAdityaYT13 dager siden

    The ans was [-1+/-i{root(29)}]/6. But even I can't do sigma

  • Johann
    Johann13 dager siden

    Caleb is a robot

  • Jellal Al Razi
    Jellal Al Razi13 dager siden

    Legends say that if he resumed guessing he would face the "Write a poem with rhyming words rhyming scheme and imagery" *iN tWo mInUiTeS*

  • Brandon Velde

    Brandon Velde

    10 dager siden

    The best part is that a decent AI could probably ace those kinds of things quicker than a human.

  • Fairy Blu

    Fairy Blu

    12 dager siden

    Or better yet, "draw me a maze in two minutes that takes one minute to solve"

  • Red
    Red13 dager siden

    SIX HOURS! I got wireless headphones i got cheaper that last at LEAST 10 hours i go Days without recharging

  • Rob Dinglasan
    Rob Dinglasan14 dager siden


  • Talyn Sevenstar
    Talyn Sevenstar14 dager siden

    0:40 like 10 minutes now

  • Tj Askew
    Tj Askew14 dager siden

    Bruhhh every friend line when some bad happen to youu “ Dangg man thats crazyy🙄” 😂😭😭😭

  • Fairy Blu

    Fairy Blu

    12 dager siden

    I know right!! Like that's gonna make me feel better 😂😂

  • iHigh420
    iHigh42014 dager siden

    Anyone know that answer to that Rocket Science question? I looked at it and didn’t even know where to start. And I’ve got a tested IQ of 138 so it’s not like I’m stupid.

  • Faaris Haque

    Faaris Haque

    13 dager siden

    It doesn't matter how smart you are if you've never learnt it before

  • Trinity Jackson
    Trinity Jackson14 dager siden


  • Fairy Blu

    Fairy Blu

    12 dager siden

    😂😂 "I'M HUMAN PLEASE!!"

  • Ɗéɇ ẊĶ
    Ɗéɇ ẊĶ14 dager siden

    The fact that you can’t do the questions should prove you’re a human

  • Detlilleregnbuestudie
    Detlilleregnbuestudie15 dager siden

    yeah they are a pain!

  • Fun Video Fan Number 1
    Fun Video Fan Number 116 dager siden

    0:25 - 0:35 Me When I’m Late For An Xbox Party

  • Volcom Stone
    Volcom Stone16 dager siden

    I fell out when that Egyptian Script Pulled up on screen and was like "Here you go Solve this"😆

    STEVE THE PRO16 dager siden

    I like *you’re* T-shirt

  • canorog _
    canorog _16 dager siden

    I always struggle with the human verification stuff, it's so irritating, especially when you get it wrong for some reason

  • Landon & Friends Kids Creator
    Landon & Friends Kids Creator16 dager siden

    For some reason, I’m extremely lucky when It makes me select images with something in them.

  • DuyTheClosetweeb
    DuyTheClosetweeb16 dager siden

    Is this why they taught mathematics in school?

  • Jack
    Jack17 dager siden

    This one got me to sub, had me rollin "I already have Jermaine; it's gone too far now" that dead look in the eyes and the defeat in his voice xD rofl

  • Artimation Hub
    Artimation Hub17 dager siden

    IXL users: *Amateur*

  • antoniocorrales1
    antoniocorrales117 dager siden


  • The Student of Life
    The Student of Life17 dager siden

    robo call nolocal.info/have/video/iol2i9Gpp4CA3Hw

  • Supreme Bearface
    Supreme Bearface18 dager siden

    #Roblox made me calculate numbers on dice with a timer and I kept running out of time... there were several questions... and this is a kids game so R.I.P to all the 7 y/o who just tried to login that day 😢😢😢

  • Supreme Bearface
    Supreme Bearface18 dager siden

    😭😭😭 Can't they just do a voice verification were u say "wassup bro"

  • Jedidiah Unuigbe
    Jedidiah Unuigbe18 dager siden

    you lucky you didnt get the pick which one equals to 14

  • Jeremy Mac
    Jeremy Mac18 dager siden

    prechate you!

  • Hafizh Manaf
    Hafizh Manaf18 dager siden

    Today I need to fill out and failed 5 captcha in a row just to fill out 1 google fricking form. And that is not my only form that day. I really hope that I can grab whoever invented this captcha things throat and scream in front of dudes ear that I'm a human

  • Red x
    Red x18 dager siden

    NOlocal tutorials be like:

  • Viruz jr
    Viruz jr18 dager siden

    Pro tip: When all the box is just 1 image. Just reload.

  • Mediados
    Mediados19 dager siden

    Twist: They verify humanity by inflicting desperation

  • Ballas George
    Ballas George19 dager siden

    I got that same car picture, the one with that little piece spilling over. i failed that one too XD

  • TheInternetIsConfusing
    TheInternetIsConfusing19 dager siden

    Random fact but those verifications arent based on a predetermined set of answers. Theyre based on answers humans give. Technically you can get them wrong, but if most people also get that answer wrong, you pass

  • Dave102693
    Dave10269319 dager siden

    Are bots that bad?

  • Evan gonzalez
    Evan gonzalez20 dager siden

    I got adblocker. It blocks ReCaptchas too.

  • Aksplays
    Aksplays20 dager siden

    I am not a robot your the robot

  • Aaron Camacho Villanueva
    Aaron Camacho Villanueva20 dager siden

    Me tryna get the PS5 on Walmart’s site

  • Axl Perono
    Axl Perono20 dager siden

    the pain when you dont pre-order

  • Shy Ferret
    Shy Ferret20 dager siden

    actually the recaptcha solve rate for bots is 98 percent and for humans its a third of that

  • Not Lightbeam
    Not Lightbeam21 dag siden

    Plot twist: This verification system was to only let robots pass

  • Martinez’s Martinez
    Martinez’s Martinez21 dag siden

    Turn to Jesus and be saved

  • Jesus Is lord
    Jesus Is lord21 dag siden

    ✝️🙏God loves everyone turn to him while there’s time repent from your sins and put your faith in Jesus🙏✝️

  • Rhytxms_YTツ
    Rhytxms_YTツ22 dager siden

    wait...did he just say " The 8teen Hundred Leviatate Sneakers"?

  • Danimals Damamos
    Danimals Damamos22 dager siden

    When I take a test guessing

  • PanPan!
    PanPan!22 dager siden

    Me still trying to figure out the song at 3:14 😭😭😭

  • PanPan!


    19 dager siden

    @Harry Wang that's at 2:24

  • Harry Wang

    Harry Wang

    20 dager siden

    Check the description of the video

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker922 dager siden

    Hy skedadudlers

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster23 dager siden

    The friend that has to keep rubbing the salt in the wound, XD!

  • Azazael Maher
    Azazael Maher24 dager siden

    It's ironical how they expect you to pass the test only robots could clear.

  • Ashley Zertuche
    Ashley Zertuche24 dager siden

    I was crying!🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • blank space
    blank space25 dager siden

    I like that *Your Wrong* shirt.

  • Fishless
    Fishless26 dager siden

    "I dont remember this" Me in every test i wrote