How fearless minions are in ANY video game.


Basically how fearless minions are in any tv show, movie, or game LOL
King Kaiyo - Melodic
Oddwin - 19


  • rocker00000
    rocker0000014 minutter siden

    They're going for the kill by exhaustion and exacerbation technique.

  • waterboywavy !
    waterboywavy !2 timer siden

    please actually make CalebCity video game bro 😭

  • Gayer Dog
    Gayer Dog4 timer siden

    This happens in EVERY DAMN GAME!! U can break 235+ of the enemies spines including the boss's, the remaining few still try to box u like they didn't see that shit go down!😂

  • Gedo Cowboy
    Gedo Cowboy9 timer siden

    “RUN DEM THANGS!!” 😂I str8 spit my soda out

  • Team Hydrangea
    Team Hydrangea14 timer siden

    Are the bodies not a clear indication of how this is gonna go down?

  • GamergirlAri
    GamergirlAri14 timer siden

    "Put you bli-" 0:30

  • Aqua LionXE
    Aqua LionXE20 timer siden

    When a predator has to fight xenomorphs

  • badkid fam
    badkid fam21 time siden

    Why is this every batman game

  • William Wilkins-Jones
    William Wilkins-Jones21 time siden

    Plot twist the last minion actually was the strongest and beat the hero

  • Andrew Peter
    Andrew PeterDag siden

    They are supposed to kill you with stress it's a reverse tactic

  • Michael campos
    Michael camposDag siden


  • Aliv Playz
    Aliv PlayzDag siden

    I love the part where he cuts them off with a punch and they’re like “ BEH”

  • The lost
    The lostDag siden

    My favorite is in Pokemon when the evil teams minions or admins come one after the other to challenge you.

  • Silverback Wamahiu
    Silverback WamahiuDag siden

    DayQuil at work😂

  • DooR.
    DooR.Dag siden

    Ok I’m gonna be honest. My FAVORITE thing to happen in a game is after you beat what you THINK is the final boss, his second in command, that didn’t even seem relevant or dangerous, the same guy that you’ve fought time and time again throughout the game comes out and is like “lol I’m actually the final boss” and he ends up being tough as heck

  • Tyrell Peacock
    Tyrell PeacockDag siden

    The dislikes are from all the minions

  • Rayla Anthony
    Rayla Anthony2 dager siden

    00:59, I spat my water out from nose, mouth and choked... Worth it😂😂😂

  • Stealthy Saiyan
    Stealthy Saiyan2 dager siden


  • N1k0l4R
    N1k0l4R2 dager siden

    "Put your paws up HONEY" :)

  • Lucas Scheunemann
    Lucas Scheunemann2 dager siden

    shadow of mordor is an exception. And a good one, by the way.

  • Glenard Limutos
    Glenard Limutos2 dager siden

    The first person who spoke at the start of the video sounds like CJ from gta san andreas to me

  • MuseHijinks
    MuseHijinks2 dager siden

    This is pretty much Yakuza

  • Natalie Roggenbuck
    Natalie Roggenbuck2 dager siden

    The Grineer in Warframe after I casually kill 6 of them in a single sword swing on my way to beat down Tyl Regor again:

  • thedragonofdalzell
    thedragonofdalzell2 dager siden

    Playing Ratchet and Clank and returning to the first planet with the R.Y.N.O

  • tutorial: brush him
    tutorial: brush him2 dager siden

    If a 6'6 pillar of muscle wearing a bat costume takes out 6 men in front of me and then so much as glances in my general direction the logical reaction is obviously to yell "this is where you're gonna DIE" and charge at him with a lead pipe

  • Blue rose Koro
    Blue rose Koro2 dager siden

    This video is every god trying to run hands with kratos (in the third game kratos only wanted Zeus the other gods just got in the way)

  • Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing
    Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing2 dager siden

    batman games wanna know tour location

  • blackua Zoldyck
    blackua Zoldyck3 dager siden

    0:52 he died with a smile knowing he was loyal to the end.

  • Rabbiddogg 1000
    Rabbiddogg 10003 dager siden


  • Zbob28
    Zbob283 dager siden

    This doesn't apply to any Dark souls

  • Zen Di
    Zen Di3 dager siden

    Villains offer really great life insurance

  • FuZoin_ FlameZ
    FuZoin_ FlameZ3 dager siden


  • Trenton Morrisseau
    Trenton Morrisseau3 dager siden

    The 2nd guy had me dead af when he tried pulling the uno card🤣

  • john ha
    john ha4 dager siden


  • dust
    dust4 dager siden

    How it feels to play Yakuza.

  • Cole Wortham
    Cole Wortham4 dager siden

    I saw the title of this video and the first two things that popped in my head were grunts and clones.

  • Matthew Donnell
    Matthew Donnell4 dager siden

    Also children after a whoopin. Speaking from experience of getting those same whoopins🤣

  • Miles Kennedy
    Miles Kennedy4 dager siden

    "put yo-- bih" Bob Minion, 2019-2020

  • Frenchify
    Frenchify4 dager siden


  • Static/Kabuto
    Static/Kabuto4 dager siden

    Put your paws up hummy

  • Depressed Potato
    Depressed Potato4 dager siden

    Ngl i want an rpg game where there enemies are smart and will run away after this kind of stuff kinda like in fallout where they run away from you if there low on hp

  • Donkilla28
    Donkilla285 dager siden

    Dark Souls enemies be like

  • RedCrimsonAnime
    RedCrimsonAnime5 dager siden

    1:37 that look kills me everytime

  • Dizastorm1243 2K
    Dizastorm1243 2K5 dager siden

    the way the third guy just peacefully went out killed me lmaoooo

  • Sulten
    Sulten5 dager siden

    I mean their purpose of living is to fight the enemy. That's what they choose to die for.

  • Ephraim Belnap
    Ephraim Belnap5 dager siden

    Lmao Assassin's Creed is god-like for fixing this. You kill six dudes, sometimes the seventh will re-consider and let you be :D

  • Lumpy
    Lumpy5 dager siden

    This reminds me of every Batman Arkham game

  • ZGlove
    ZGlove6 dager siden

    Lower enemies may seem powerless, but just remember the first Goomba from 1-1.

  • space botany
    space botany6 dager siden

    1:35 will never fail to be Caleb's best 4th wall break of all time ever.

  • Kayden Wood
    Kayden Wood6 dager siden

    every minion in wizard101: *hAhhaA YOULL NEVER GET THROUGH US* 1 minute later: *aAHHHHH STOP*

  • whippa
    whippa6 dager siden

    every pokemon henchman ever

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown6 dager siden

    Villain: "They aint me! Run them hands! PUT YOUR PAWS UP! RUN THEM THANGS!" Hero:............😂😂😂😂

  • Dinell Gideon
    Dinell Gideon6 dager siden

    Imma need that homie

  • catsndogs98
    catsndogs986 dager siden

    You could have titled this the “average fist of the North Star fight,”

  • Zombilicious VII
    Zombilicious VII7 dager siden

    The third guy went down so peacefully.

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker97 dager siden

    Hello skedadudlers hahahahaha

  • CT - 5089
    CT - 50897 dager siden

    Gluhar and his guards in a nutshell

  • Macio Malone
    Macio Malone7 dager siden

    It’s like the second guy woke up to them hands after the first hit

    WOLF GANG7 dager siden

    Omni Man fighting the Guardians of the Globe like

  • Ramon Cossey
    Ramon Cossey7 dager siden

    A band of 12 looters when you running around with 60 Swadian Knights. #MountAndBlade

  • II icxly II
    II icxly II8 dager siden

    and 1:41🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • II icxly II
    II icxly II8 dager siden

    0:57 got me sleep bro im dead

  • N0namable
    N0namable8 dager siden

    Should be called "'how stupid 1st graders are during an ALICE drill"

  • Thievishaura 42
    Thievishaura 428 dager siden

    Masego- Lavish Lullaby @1:00 so you dont gotta go searching

  • Elijah rideb
    Elijah rideb8 dager siden

    0:30 Thats the sound cory uses in his videos. Took me a while to look

  • Johnny joestar
    Johnny joestar8 dager siden

    Me :*lift my brother with 1 hand My brother :"RUN THEM HANDS"

  • Jonathan Esser
    Jonathan Esser8 dager siden

    He has the generic lines down to a science

  • jhomarthecat1
    jhomarthecat19 dager siden

    Super Mario in a nutshell

  • Herobrine_jr Hero
    Herobrine_jr Hero9 dager siden

    Play xenoblade!!!!!!!!!

    RAIN DELA CRUZ9 dager siden

    Just update the games with spare option

  • Destiny
    Destiny9 dager siden

    See I'm the type of minion that after the first punch I clock out, go on lunch break, then go home and start revaluating my life choices as to how I ended up in that job.

  • DogWithDaButter
    DogWithDaButter9 dager siden

    I’m playing spider man miles morales and this always fucking happens

  • forst pheniox
    forst pheniox9 dager siden

    This vid is why i subbed

  • TechyCatz
    TechyCatz9 dager siden

    Minons would rather die by your hands than the boss hands

  • u
    u9 dager siden

    0:59 he put that man to sleep 😭😭

  • infurnofury3054 battles
    infurnofury3054 battles10 dager siden

    you know your getting stomp if u see someone bring their leg to their head

  • Morgan Gtv
    Morgan Gtv10 dager siden

    “Don’t jUsT StAnd ThErE!!! DO SoMeTHiNg!!” Had me dying 😂

  • Tega Amrore
    Tega Amrore10 dager siden

    Was that a masego song I heard?

  • weezact7
    weezact711 dager siden

    Well, not ANY video game. Playing Total Warhammer has shown me that some of your minions are VERY prone to running the fuck away.

  • Serious Xs Gaming Channel
    Serious Xs Gaming Channel11 dager siden

    What happens if you stop mid beatdown and forgive the minion. Will they have learned the lesson? Or go back to thinking they are Invincible?

  • axe
    axe11 dager siden

    *they aint me*

  • professorquack
    professorquack11 dager siden

    The guy went to sleep

  • Ryan McMinn
    Ryan McMinn11 dager siden

    Thank you lmao i cant even handle how funny this shiz is ohhh hell it really do be like that

  • On standby the whole time
    On standby the whole time11 dager siden

    It's like this until one of them catches you slipping without a save in 2 hours

  • Fatal Fearz
    Fatal Fearz12 dager siden

    Run em HAMMIE

  • KingdomHearts Master
    KingdomHearts Master12 dager siden

    Run those hands 😂

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku12 dager siden

    How he just goin let him beat up his homie

  • Pop
    Pop12 dager siden

    Madness Combat in a nutshell

  • {S!PR} Gorilla42
    {S!PR} Gorilla4212 dager siden

    Bruh I’m binge watching all of these man 🤣

  • michael cooper
    michael cooper12 dager siden

    That game where you kill a boss and the monster still trying to destroy you.

  • I am not a possessed rat
    I am not a possessed rat12 dager siden

    wait you actually fight them? I just autoclick and walk

  • alvaro quequejana
    alvaro quequejana12 dager siden

    0:59 man was slapped into the next century

  • Ni The Fly Guy
    Ni The Fly Guy13 dager siden

    Team Skull, is that U?

  • MrSpartanspud
    MrSpartanspud13 dager siden

    Me: Kills Alduin the World Eater, Slays Lord Harkon, defeats Miraak and frees Solstheim. Random level 1 bandit: You picked a bad day to get lost friend.

  • JBboyz
    JBboyz13 dager siden

    The section in every game nobody likes due to its mass amount of enemies:

  • Ricky Richardson
    Ricky Richardson13 dager siden

    Pov:Me when I’m high level in a game and I fight the first level/mission

  • Brandon Fuentes
    Brandon Fuentes13 dager siden

    This is basically every Yakuza game haha

  • Dxcyy FL
    Dxcyy FL13 dager siden

    "Don'T juSt sTAnd THere" febsiufhiusehfiusefewsf

  • JTG
    JTG13 dager siden

    When he broke the 4th wall, I died!🤣

  • The Consigliere
    The Consigliere13 dager siden

    I still dont know why i love his death screams