How EVERY throw away villain acts when the MC needs to be power scaled.


"Oh he looks weak"
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  • Jayden Oden
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    Kyle Watts3 timer siden

    The character put into those voices lmaooo. That’s a sub from me, dog

  • Gus The Rushh
    Gus The Rushh6 timer siden

    i love the muscle man voice tho

  • Anti 1 Training
    Anti 1 Training7 timer siden

    So basically Baki The Grappler hahahaha

  • Joseph Gnagi
    Joseph Gnagi14 timer siden

    Why did the red one sound like muscle man

  • パンケーキ.-
    パンケーキ.-14 timer siden

    Why did he become muscle man from regular show halfway through cmon bruh

  • Vyrus111
    Vyrus11116 timer siden

    Basically the life of Saitama

  • Fire Flood
    Fire Flood17 timer siden

    Now make a video on side characters needing to powerscale the villain.

  • Cat Game
    Cat Game20 timer siden

    i feel bad for the villains now

  • Sneky Wolf
    Sneky Wolf21 time siden

    oh nO THE NATUrAl Oils!

  • Martin Piña
    Martin Piña22 timer siden

    Why does the bad guy sound like Muscle man and Vegeta at the same time?

  • Finesse Dog
    Finesse Dog22 timer siden

    The fact that the main characters wearing orange makes this even more anime accurate

  • Chinonso Onuigbo
    Chinonso Onuigbo22 timer siden

    😂 i am 99% sure his villian voice is the voice behind muscle man in regular show

  • D144AU Creations
    D144AU Creations22 timer siden

    "What do we have here? A new face!" But...I thought everyone had the same face in this universe...

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    Wtf was number 1 trending is my question

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    omae wa mou shindeiru

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    "Oh my gosh, I'm tryna help you" literally main characters irl.

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    Dag siden


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    My MOM!!

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    3:39 Peter Griffin Style

  • Kronus
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    The villain sounds like muscleman

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken KanekiDag siden

    “I’m done with this arc bro” he broke the fourth wall he so powerful 😂

  • Joe Stein
    Joe SteinDag siden

    One of the Villains sound like muscle man from Regular show

  • Eli BOI
    Eli BOIDag siden

    The most underrated viner legend

  • Mr. Geobyte
    Mr. GeobyteDag siden

    i like how literally all throughout the video all they did to him was annoy him

  • Shaolin Marauder
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    muscle man voice overs are on point

  • Marauder Gaming
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    Afro Samurai be like

  • swagger heures
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    "The natural oils from his face got onto my hands" I'm dead☠

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    The firewOrKS

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    3:28 to 3:40 WAS THE BEST PART

  • Antonio Strungys
    Antonio StrungysDag siden

    Acting too real

  • Yeet Dab
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    Doesn't the villian sound like muscle man from regular show

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    Pov: gojuo

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    Yeah pretty much

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    Marvel can’t even touch these effects man

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    ItS aTtAcKiNg My BoDy

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    He sounds like muscle man 😂😂

  • Vasty boiツ
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    Afro samurai in a nutshell:

  • Blessing Alconera
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    when he shared his twitter trend 😂

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    “iT’s AtTaCkInG mY bOdY!¡!¡!” 💀💀💀

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    Why he sound like Pete from Mickey Mouse

    BRATALISTICDag siden


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    damn its good to see muscle man again.

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    We have the same fridge lol

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    Wait what's trending number one on Twitter

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    you sound like muscle man

  • TheGameMatt
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    I love how he can simultaneously be cheesy and make fun of cheesy people

  • Lloyd Soards
    Lloyd Soards2 dager siden

    Literally every episode of Fist of the North Star

  • Ayush Chakraborty
    Ayush Chakraborty2 dager siden

    Why does the red guy sound like muscle man from regular show

  • Die8
    Die82 dager siden

    the guy that wore the red shirt sound like muscle man from regular show

    THEMV GUY2 dager siden

    The villain was so weak, the mc didn't even need to use talk no jutsu

  • donkeyhigh
    donkeyhigh2 dager siden

    I honestly did not think any of these would be any funny. Now I'm stuck, can't get off NOlocal, watching these weird ass short awsome videos instead of making dinner. Great job! Liked and subscribed!

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    The laugh got me dead 💀 😭🤣🤣

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    I want to know if that's an anime ??

  • DarkZ Destiny
    DarkZ Destiny2 dager siden

    Literally Goku vs Nappa and Vegita in a nutshell

  • Csanád Ary
    Csanád Ary2 dager siden

    When you did all the sidequests at the begining of the game

  • Orbitz2x
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    muscle man from regular show is tryna rob the mc

  • mrduckman225
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    The no cap cap

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    The villian sounds like the fake Laffy from one piece.... my God

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    Muscle man voice

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    He sound like muscle man lmao

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    The muscle man impression was on point

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    Dgeobegjdjd Hgehjdvhejr

    Dag siden

    I was looking for this

  • Gabe Alder
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    When he was punching him and he wasn’t phasing I died

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    3:31 can’t get enough

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    My mans used Haki

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    That explosion bro sheeeeeeeeh

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    the natural oils from his body got on to me their attacking me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAAUUUUWHAGUAGUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA POP i was rolling on the ground

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    he sounds like muscle man

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    Hunter x hunter lol

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    The red shirt guy sounded like muscle man from regular show

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    Lmao þe family guy fall after

  • khris
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    I can only imagine what some of these scenes would look like to an intruder "You will pay for this! Argghhhhh! *Is chasing after nobody*" Aight imma head out

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    My trying to hurt my older brother: 3:15

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    iTs ATaCKinNG My BOdY

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    The red guy sounds like a non soar throat version of muscle man from regular show

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    His beany character reminds me of Muscle Man from Regular show hahhahahhah

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    He sounds like muscle man

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    Why do they sound like muscleman

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    The oil on your skin beating him actually goes hard af lol that’s terrifying

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    Muscle man from The Regular Show is looking different

  • Basic Cat
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    For some reason I imagine Lenny with a longer chin.

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    Danganronpa be like 1:10

  • Marth64OP •
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    3:39 DAAAAAAAMN HE GOT FOLDED XD (even though he’s poisoned but uhh... yeah HE GOT FOLDED)

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    Vegeta vs Frieza, Perfect Cell etc. 🤣🤣🤣

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    3:09 When curses catch gojo on his day off

  • CS Honey
    CS Honey3 dager siden

    Yoo i have been thinking for so long what this mans sounds like playing the first badguy he sounds like Mitch from Regular show

  • Zuu
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    I'm the MC when I play Titanfall 2 lol

  • Gregory Kennedy
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    The heyyyyy after dude blew up sent me

  • Ace The FireDragon
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    Well, I guess u could call bullies throw away villains.

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    He kinda sounds like muscle man

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    Why does the red shirt guy sound like Muscle Man😭😭😭

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    Good God, what was number one trending on Twitter then!?

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    Video games be like:

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    Longbeachgriffy colab when ????

  • Cuphead and Mugman's secret channel
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    *the natural oils* im ded lol XD

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    New game plus after 1000 hours

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    Bruh the voice act was ridiculous