How anime Senseis teach ANYONE that isn’t the main character.


Anime Senseis teaching anybody that doesn't have plot armor.
Melodic - King Kaiyo
19 - Oddwin


  • Eugene Celistan
    Eugene Celistan36 minutter siden

    Bruh I literally spit out my coffee.

  • Noah ALTREKY
    Noah ALTREKY18 timer siden

    Go easy on em kills em while talking

  • Caleb Sharp
    Caleb Sharp20 timer siden

    Alternative title: Other Anime Characters During Flashbacks

  • Shelby Shum
    Shelby ShumDag siden

    I would watch this anime.

  • Jeson
    JesonDag siden

    Fun fact the reason they train the mc like that is because they know what plot armor is

  • TheVishesh Vlog
    TheVishesh VlogDag siden

    Lol....Master Avocado sounds like Guy Sensei

  • Shamar McPherson
    Shamar McPhersonDag siden


  • VoidRaptor
    VoidRaptorDag siden

    Plot twist there is no grandson and master avadaco knows and is messing with him

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku MidoriyaDag siden

    Zenitzu be like:

  • Ngaimuankim Valte
    Ngaimuankim Valte2 dager siden

    He looks like his about to say "Don't tell mom"

  • Screaming Rowlet
    Screaming Rowlet2 dager siden

    Those bells on the door suggest you have a dog or cat

  • Raphy Chouk
    Raphy Chouk2 dager siden

    He is going to live again by another evil guy and try to kill the sensei

  • BbyZenitsu Wrld
    BbyZenitsu Wrld2 dager siden

    literally kakashi to boruto

  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee3 dager siden

    Sensei:.... Bro

  • Pun Pranav
    Pun Pranav4 dager siden

    Plottwist: when the sensei very near him, HE hits the sensei and goes-" your the one who told me-never let my guard down... HHAHAHAHAHA"

  • Laxmi Prasad Maharjan
    Laxmi Prasad Maharjan4 dager siden

    *that yamcha pose though*

  • Vongola Atzi
    Vongola Atzi4 dager siden

    The protagonist with best treatment is undoubtedly ichigo. He not only had papa aizen sending monsters to give him experience from time to time, he also had kisuke who had a whole team available to teach him all aspects to let him become strong quickly, want to master the hollowification? Dont worry lets call my boy shinji and his crew to teach you, want to learn how to call the name of your knife? No prob i got a prop for you, want to learn bankai? Dont worry yoruichi has got you. The author really made it easy for ichigo. What he achieved in 1 month was far more than most shinigamis achieve in a lifetime. Aizen took hundreds of years to reach where he was but ichigos training arc with his dad was enough for him to match him within a short period of time

  • San Nis
    San Nis4 dager siden

    Before: After:Calm down... kurama

  • Lexi_is_rez
    Lexi_is_rez4 dager siden

    He's actually saying, "You can count on me to kill him" 😂

  • Immortal Being
    Immortal Being5 dager siden

    Honestly of this man made a movie I would watch it

  • Why
    Why5 dager siden

    Plot twist : this is acting class

  • Game Nation
    Game Nation6 dager siden

    Well, he didn’t hospitalize him...he just hurt him so bad that he doesn’t feel pain.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear6 dager siden

    This is what i think Mihawk to Zoro is

  • victoria calderon
    victoria calderon6 dager siden

    Plot twist he fell asleep

    Mr. UPSIDE DOWN DUCK6 dager siden

    Can we appreciate that all the comments on here have over 1k likes

  • The Game Demon
    The Game Demon7 dager siden

    I literally cried

  • PoorGrammar313
    PoorGrammar3137 dager siden

    Caleb should make a show

  • julian brylle
    julian brylle7 dager siden


  • Drake Grim
    Drake Grim8 dager siden

    "Have a good day" lol 😆

  • ckarie
    ckarie8 dager siden

    Master Avocado

  • Fire Lord
    Fire Lord10 dager siden

    me pretending im dead in daycare

  • Go home,nothing to see here people.
    Go home,nothing to see here people.10 dager siden

    glinda and dorothy

  • yasmina
    yasmina10 dager siden

    im just picturing guy sensei making rock lee run around the building

  • Zeta
    Zeta10 dager siden

    Anddd plot twist he is still alive, trained the dark arts to get revenge to the man who gave him pain and death, and he will comeback as op villain.

  • Archerfish Johns
    Archerfish Johns11 dager siden

    These be the same masters that got zero students and the main character comes up to him sitting by himself or something

  • PotatoPoison 11
    PotatoPoison 1111 dager siden

    This would be a crazy protagonist Origin story. He then becomes rogue and is forever on the run by his former bosses army

  • Red
    Red13 dager siden

    Doesn't smelling salt or something like that usually work in these situations?

  • Knight Artorias
    Knight Artorias14 dager siden

    If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.

  • Amarion Paterson
    Amarion Paterson14 dager siden

    this is literally almost all anime in a nutshell XD

    KING DOM14 dager siden

    The guy from the “how strong swordsman be” is teaching the guy that couldn’t see them fight and master arvacado is the old man

  • Kidtruck91
    Kidtruck9114 dager siden

    He died

  • TrifecticBlade
    TrifecticBlade14 dager siden

    Demon slayer: well yes but actually no

  • Solar Marvel
    Solar Marvel14 dager siden

    Twist: The grandson walks in at the end or the father walks in at the end.

  • MrNoname 17
    MrNoname 1714 dager siden

    He went from talking I guess proper to bro

  • Christian Lotter
    Christian Lotter15 dager siden

    How did he film the part where he poured water on himself, that’s talent

  • Andrei Deuda
    Andrei Deuda15 dager siden

    his theme song is a killer 😆

  • Jerry Golden
    Jerry Golden15 dager siden

    Plot twist he’s gay

  • Anubhav Tomar SAINI
    Anubhav Tomar SAINI16 dager siden

    Master avacado 🔥😂😂😂

  • Mahdi Benhelal
    Mahdi Benhelal16 dager siden

    Did the student die or was he just unconscious?

  • vexx - Topic 64
    vexx - Topic 6416 dager siden

    "Mr avocado"

  • Bhavnoor Natt
    Bhavnoor Natt17 dager siden

    This is the bad ending

  • Mind of THE FEE
    Mind of THE FEE17 dager siden

    I thought this was gonna be a comparison between the protagonist being taught and side character, but then I read the description and started having anime protagonist flashbacks to how the actual frick Tanjiro survived his training

  • Zefanya Sitompul
    Zefanya Sitompul17 dager siden

    This id sad tho 😔

  • Wo Wala Moiz
    Wo Wala Moiz17 dager siden

    I'd actually watch an anime where the arrogant master swordsman accidentally kills one of his students and becomes clinically depressed.

  • Ranime
    Ranime17 dager siden

  • azuur asmr
    azuur asmr17 dager siden

    he only had 6 hp

  • some thing
    some thing17 dager siden

    master avocado is back

  • Le Homard
    Le Homard17 dager siden

    Master avocado

  • Municipal2938
    Municipal293818 dager siden

    We need a sequel

  • Phylicia Stevens
    Phylicia Stevens18 dager siden

    Spoiler alert: this is right before the time skip. Not only do you find out he's not dead, he's the new main villain of the next arc.

  • Arcane Panda
    Arcane Panda18 dager siden

    I already knew the "...bro" was coming lmao

  • William Kingsly
    William Kingsly18 dager siden

    The timing tho

  • Lilly
    Lilly18 dager siden

    It will be just light workouts today 😂😂

  • Taylor Sr.
    Taylor Sr.19 dager siden


  • Shawn
    Shawn19 dager siden


  • Wolfy_Kewlza
    Wolfy_Kewlza19 dager siden

    whats the song at 0:50

  • Alien Keagster
    Alien Keagster19 dager siden

    Is that supposed to be coughing or laughing over the phone?

  • Soul of Cinder
    Soul of Cinder20 dager siden

    He got back up and pwnd him

  • Strider-Bushin
    Strider-Bushin20 dager siden

    1:43 His training method works 60% of the time, everytime. Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh!

  • Kolchian
    Kolchian21 dag siden


  • YONO
    YONO21 dag siden

    He's not dead, just entering the filler episodes

  • Fabrício Rosa
    Fabrício Rosa25 dager siden

    Tanjiro's sensei hoping he'd just die before his training was complete

  • Kella G
    Kella G25 dager siden


  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee29 dager siden

    Where did he buy those katana?

  • Nicole Davis
    Nicole Davis29 dager siden

    Im talking to you king kai

  • LonghornsLegend
    LonghornsLegendMåned siden

    I love the change from trained Sensei speak to "bro....yo u good?" 🤣🤣

  • CapnShanty
    CapnShantyMåned siden

    "you're just not a god tier talent and thus not worth my time"

  • 黒い人新鮮な
    黒い人新鮮なMåned siden


  • Nifemi O
    Nifemi OMåned siden

    I just wanna know how he filmed the scene where he poured water on himself

  • Bobby McSabbly
    Bobby McSabblyMåned siden

    Had that boy comatose

  • adilk598
    adilk598Måned siden

    Who poured the water??

  • Olamide TikTok
    Olamide TikTokMåned siden


  • O.G Rio
    O.G RioMåned siden

    I would quit...but im dead.

  • Fake Hunters
    Fake HuntersMåned siden

    I want to see a anime like this

  • Wiggity Wop
    Wiggity WopMåned siden

    That’s actually a good beginning to a show fr

  • Trill Nigga
    Trill NiggaMåned siden

    One shot lol

  • Mizo animations
    Mizo animationsMåned siden


  • gaming cannon34
    gaming cannon34Måned siden

    When you find minato was his grandfather

  • Alpha Aegislash
    Alpha AegislashMåned siden

    Now he's gonna wake up and say never let your guard down and proceeds to attack his sensei.

  • Erica E.
    Erica E.Måned siden

    You have a good day.

  • Anubhav Gaming
    Anubhav GamingMåned siden

    After that the Father of the son who died will avenge him and defeat the sensei in the end

  • Zephyr Leapold
    Zephyr LeapoldMåned siden


  • Youtubetrash
    YoutubetrashMåned siden

    0:49 when you hit your little brother by accident

  • NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel
    NarutoUzumaki 2nd channelMåned siden

    When you hit your brother or sister to hard

  • mojisade adeyeye
    mojisade adeyeyeMåned siden


  • D7
    D7Måned siden

    The Yamcha pose is killing me lmao

  • Callan Conroy
    Callan ConroyMåned siden

    I think longbeachgriffy ain't gonna be happy you stealing his format

  • Callan Conroy

    Callan Conroy

    17 dager siden

    @Roy M2 damn bro you sad

  • Roy M2

    Roy M2

    19 dager siden

    How dare you compare CalebCity the pioneer of Vines and Vine like youtube videos to that talentless hack that is longbeachgriffy?! They all copied him. Not the other way around

  • Sri Krishnan
    Sri KrishnanMåned siden

    0:44 👀 👀 *Bro*

  • Beverly Buari
    Beverly BuariMåned siden

    Wasn't Master Avacado mentioned in the RPG weapon video?

  • Written Mirror
    Written MirrorMåned siden