Being a side character while the smart characters figure everything out.


They really just be standing there looking crazy.
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The detective deducted that the culprit was a kleptomaniac janitor and that he was on his way to carry the guy he folded outside, but he noticed the kicks on his feet and took them. Then, while he was taking the shoes, he noticed more shoes on the shoe rack and couldn’t help himself, but he couldn’t take all of the shoes and carry the guy out at the same time. So he left him. He came back later to finish what he was doing, but then the detective showed up so he tried to play it off.
THE detective thought through all of that and his partner didn't hear a word of it
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  • Perry Reed
    Perry Reed3 timer siden

    1:42 bruh u funny af

    SKØRPION々6 timer siden

    Please make part 2 but with long duration of time

  • Sergeant MacNuggets
    Sergeant MacNuggets7 timer siden

    I love how he destroy the evidence just to get his attention.

  • in4mus85
    in4mus858 timer siden

    This basically any scene with Light and Matsuda in death note

  • Matt Gonzo
    Matt Gonzo20 timer siden

    Literally every Danganronpa character, including the smart ones and MCs at times

  • William Wilkins-Jones
    William Wilkins-Jones22 timer siden

    Ok it’s not that serious man I’d just watch some Calebcity while I waited for him to tell me what happened

  • GhostGlacier
    GhostGlacierDag siden

    L’s team when he’s trying to find light

  • Abriged beerusYT
    Abriged beerusYT2 dager siden

    This is basically the anime Case closed

  • julian brylle
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  • Explained For You !
    Explained For You !2 dager siden

    He sounds like L from death note.

  • pizza killer
    pizza killer2 dager siden

    Man if this isn't just Nathan Drake in uncharted

  • Jay Zeal
    Jay Zeal3 dager siden

    1:50 i'll do it again 😂😂😂

  • laylay
    laylay3 dager siden

    his shoes and socks are nice.

  • laylay
    laylay3 dager siden

    lmaooooooo i love when he says "i'll do t again"

  • Golden Grainnz
    Golden Grainnz3 dager siden

    This is why you need to be like geralt. Even when he is alone, he narrates everything that is going inside his head out loud lol

  • Sterling Parson
    Sterling Parson3 dager siden

    deathnote, L

  • Hanta Sero
    Hanta Sero3 dager siden

    hank and connor from Detroit

  • 9aracna TM
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  • Allie Cakes04
    Allie Cakes044 dager siden

    the fact I would be the slightly overweight side character only their for comedic relief 😭✋

  • Woopity Scoop
    Woopity Scoop5 dager siden

    Probably what everyone in MHA is saying while Deku is explaining everything to the audience.

  • oba williams
    oba williams5 dager siden

    now i know how the school janitor gets all his drip

  • Rainbow Navigator
    Rainbow Navigator5 dager siden

    Lmfao that pose 😂😂😂😂

  • William Thornton
    William Thornton6 dager siden

    The way he said "folded back savage " with a detective voice omg lmao

  • Robophobe
    Robophobe8 dager siden

    So this is what Mr Watson must’ve felt whenever he was with Sherlock.

  • slebydukes
    slebydukes8 dager siden

    Bruh! The way the body is folded up 😅🤣😂

  • wyeth sutton
    wyeth sutton8 dager siden

    I like how legendary those gloves are every weapons video

  • Em_Peezy
    Em_Peezy9 dager siden

    anybidy else notice the PHEONIX WRIGHT ace attorney game sound music during the detective dialogues? so sick.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez9 dager siden

    This is one of your best videos.

  • Abhir Gokhale
    Abhir Gokhale9 dager siden

    You should've used L's theme for detective it would've been perfect

  • Dadonis Iclles
    Dadonis Iclles9 dager siden

    Danganronpa in a nutshell

  • Wack_Panther 92
    Wack_Panther 929 dager siden

    Folded back savage 🥴🤣😂😂

  • Sean Yin
    Sean Yin9 dager siden

    His shoes are off. Well he’s in the damn house.

  • Weeb Kami
    Weeb Kami10 dager siden

    ID: invaded

  • AtomicDragon
    AtomicDragon10 dager siden

    Bro who else thought of Dr stone after reading the title😅

  • Alec’s Treehouse
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    This made me laugh the hardest

  • thatlowkey _ugh
    thatlowkey _ugh10 dager siden

    The dead body though 🤣🤣😭😭 *slaps myself* 😐

  • Siddhesh Jethe
    Siddhesh Jethe10 dager siden

    Finally , sherlock holmes from Dr. Watson's point of view..

  • Destiny
    Destiny11 dager siden

    Him freaking out and screaming for his attention had me weak.😂

  • Insane Lavender
    Insane Lavender11 dager siden

    Why does this make me think of Kyoko and Makoto 🤣

  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema11 dager siden

    0:57 There's a cat on the stairs

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello11 dager siden

    The shoes are missing because the janitor has the same shoe size

  • Two Mouse
    Two Mouse11 dager siden

    The killer left the dust pan, rookie mistake.

  • Raian Khaled Navid
    Raian Khaled Navid12 dager siden

    It was the janitor Janitor: I WiLl dO iT aGaInnnn! Grgrggrggr

  • Ayman Saikyou
    Ayman Saikyou12 dager siden

    Those death poses never fail to make me laugh XD.

  • Ranime
    Ranime12 dager siden

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva13 dager siden

    Wait how were they able to get to the crime scene after only 30 minutes and shouldn't the janitor have run away why was he still cleaning the crime scene isn't that a little suspicious

  • mew10521
    mew1052113 dager siden

    I don't think I would be able to solve the case with all that yelling in the back ground

  • Volcom Stone
    Volcom Stone13 dager siden

    I Love the noise of him slapping the wall with a piece of paper as he tries the janitor. The Janitor: Ahhh!!!! I'll do it Again!!!😂

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  • Oninlash Vang
    Oninlash Vang14 dager siden

    Poor plant was minding its own business

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  • DTD
    DTD15 dager siden

    This video is even funnier since I watched Detective Conan movie yesterday lmao

  • KilluaComeHome e
    KilluaComeHome e15 dager siden

    Maybe he didnt have shoes because *he’s inside a house*

  • YEETnugget
    YEETnugget15 dager siden

    "since when did naruto get so cool"

  • Chris
    Chris15 dager siden

    B the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

    DRAGONMASTER MXG15 dager siden

    To be fair most side characters don’t get what’s going until then anyway no point in wasting energy

  • is hah
    is hah16 dager siden

    Every side anime character

  • Mavis Vermillion
    Mavis Vermillion16 dager siden

    His Lion King shirt be lit tho

  • Marcetta Mills
    Marcetta Mills16 dager siden

    He's just having a mental breakdown while the Main is thinking I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    “Folded back savage” 😭😂

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    Aka deathnote

  • BajanNeko
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    This is why cops in those shows are always annoyed with the smart character lol.

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    Folded back savage

  • Nadya I F
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    man I've watched every single 1 of his videos and now I'm replaying for the 10th time caleeb you're a genius

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  • Ram
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    When the side character wants more screentime

  • Jocomotion
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    This reminds me a bit of psych

  • Bálint Vasvári
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    The entire Gotham Police Department

  • InfamousGeek
    InfamousGeek19 dager siden

    No ones gonna talk about how twisted the dead body is? that sht made me laugh already

  • Michael C
    Michael C19 dager siden

    What type of damage does a man have to sustain to begin to even fold in such a way?

  • grape juice
    grape juice19 dager siden

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  • Jared Clark
    Jared Clark20 dager siden

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  • SabosRomance
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  • GamingBeFly
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    Honestly, this is a mood when playing Danganronpa and Kirigiri starts making us all look dumb

  • a
    a24 dager siden

    nah this ain't even a sketch, this is just me on a daily basis since I'm such a dumb dumb

  • Titanium Steel
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    Germany : *starts a war* Also Germany : 1:49

  • Maurice Walker
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  • Orbiting Sentient Satellite
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    Treated like a side character gang ✊🤧

  • Monkey Bud
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    The dude knocking everything off the table and screaming reminded me of the antagonist from pink panther

    INFIRES NATION27 dager siden

    This is what it's like in group assignments...

  • Seaflux Gaming
    Seaflux Gaming28 dager siden

    The way he deducted clues from the scene to find the culprit was logical and clever. Good job on the plot.

  • Meme18
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    Me in group projects

  • Dani Tho
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    0:10 I legit thought he stuffed some clothes with cotton or something until I looked closely and saw its actually him

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  • A-Dino
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    Alternate title: The teacher said your entire class has to do the math assignment with a partner but you got stuck with the kid that doesn’t cooperate

  • General Manalope
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    Bro this is the best video I've ever seen. I am DYING

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  • Tony Ortega
    Tony OrtegaMåned siden

    The main character when your not playing as them.thats one you should do

  • Arlife
    ArlifeMåned siden

    hmm i think the side character was actually plotting with the janitor, it makes perfect sense. it was a good thing the detective think everything through his head

  • Preacher IZZE
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    I assume the Janitor is only lvl 12 due to his red boxing gloves....