Being a background NPC in a fighting game.


Who do yall think won though?👀

Melodic - King Kaiyo
10 - Oddwin


  • Ciano G
    Ciano G4 timer siden

    That double straight up in the air kick though😂😂😂😂

  • Kay Proper
    Kay Proper14 timer siden

    Gawd bro, so creative. GOAT this man

  • WeirdestPro
    WeirdestPro15 timer siden

    i know a lot about fighting games I play as jaon in mortal combat and named lia

  • heresthadude1080
    heresthadude108020 timer siden

    It's fun till somebody uses you as an environmental like Blanche from MKX

  • Nico Villa
    Nico VillaDag siden

    Just be the annoying guy that third parties everyone

  • Memes 453
    Memes 453Dag siden

    Mans wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t going to use hands

  • Mexgar
    MexgarDag siden

    This man had someone throw an actual knife at the table *while he was sitting there*, holy hell

  • Paper Luigi
    Paper Luigi2 dager siden

    0:29 Assuming this is a special intro, what happens if the normal intro is played?

  • GcorpCoPrez
    GcorpCoPrez2 dager siden

    *The Wheel of Fate is turning. Rebel One.*

  • a username
    a username2 dager siden

    black jackets combo list is beyond decent

  • Acesprune
    Acesprune4 dager siden

    Why are all the Caleb's that aren't meant to be Caleb always dressed the best?

  • baby swizy
    baby swizy5 dager siden

    im crying seeing him on the brink of laughter at the end at 0:50 and onward

  • xeroabyss
    xeroabyss5 dager siden

    Is that ''Arabesque No.1'' by Debussy playing in the background at the end?

  • Alex Congelosi
    Alex Congelosi5 dager siden


  • LoneToast385 -ToasterGaming-
    LoneToast385 -ToasterGaming-6 dager siden

    you can tell how hard he held back his laughter

  • Mavrick Serious
    Mavrick Serious6 dager siden

    This man shoe n fit game is sum else

  • Christian T.-SG
    Christian T.-SG7 dager siden

    I think "No-Hands Caleb" won that battle. He was chaining those combos together!

  • Deshaungamer01
    Deshaungamer017 dager siden

    As soon he know he can’t do anything about it he gave up

  • Jahlil Carr
    Jahlil Carr8 dager siden


  • Haile Michael
    Haile Michael9 dager siden

    I would love to see a fighting game where all the characters are caleb in different outfits and there is no animations each move is just a different pose.

  • Brian Garcia Hernandez
    Brian Garcia Hernandez9 dager siden


  • Tywi Liang
    Tywi Liang10 dager siden

    who won round 1?

  • Knight Artorias
    Knight Artorias10 dager siden

    If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.

  • axe
    axe11 dager siden

    those attacks tho.

  • Elton McKnight
    Elton McKnight12 dager siden

    This is not accurate he didn't get thrown at anybody

  • whenfunnydancingcockroach
    whenfunnydancingcockroach13 dager siden

    If this were Injustice 2 he would've gotten thrown 😂

  • Wolf Wolf
    Wolf Wolf13 dager siden

    Everybody gangsta till that one guy does a mortal combat ending

  • Red
    Red13 dager siden

    I want some fruity pebbles now. All i got are cocoa pebbles.

  • Śhäđøw 333
    Śhäđøw 33314 dager siden

    *Round 3*.......

  • joseph paille
    joseph paille14 dager siden

    Are we not going to talk about how he thought a whole box was a serving size

  • Leon Kaidos
    Leon Kaidos14 dager siden

    That one old lady from Mortal Kombat X be like

  • Jeremiah Lewis
    Jeremiah Lewis15 dager siden

    guy literaly said i give up

  • Rel120goku Powell
    Rel120goku Powell16 dager siden

    Player 1:just got back from putting a toxic player on hush mode

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar16 dager siden

    0:47 Lightning gaze: ⬆️➡️🔼⬅️🅰️🅱️🅱️🅰️

  • DuyTheClosetweeb
    DuyTheClosetweeb16 dager siden

    Yo serving size is a whole box?

  • Fabian Daja
    Fabian Daja16 dager siden

    3 smash

  • txctical
    txctical17 dager siden

    Can we all just take a moment and appreciate calebs drip. Calebs fashion choice is just wow.

  • Wo Wala Moiz
    Wo Wala Moiz17 dager siden

    I'd like a fighting game where someone is complaining about their property being destroyed in the background.

  • fousseymon play
    fousseymon play17 dager siden

    " You just CAME through my ceiling " Get it?

  • Face
    Face17 dager siden

    0:18 Sagat vs Iori

  • Azia Touchsilent
    Azia Touchsilent18 dager siden

    I feel sad for the guy

  • internet explorer
    internet explorer18 dager siden

    Injustice 2 be like

  • tomfish
    tomfish19 dager siden

    0:58 how it feel when you're sister and mom are arguing.

  • Coll
    Coll20 dager siden

    This is the living embodiment of: This is fine

  • lol
    lol21 dag siden

    this editing has more potential then the whole season 3 of The seven deadly sins

  • G a m e P l a y e r
    G a m e P l a y e r22 dager siden

    Super powers shut him up real quick

  • Jared J. Sinclair
    Jared J. Sinclair24 dager siden

    My man smashed a hole through his ceiling just to entertain us

  • thelegendhero01
    thelegendhero0124 dager siden

    Don't forget the guy who gets thrown at the enemy

  • kams demon's dream
    kams demon's dream25 dager siden

    the npc

  • E
    E25 dager siden


  • Dylan Pursley
    Dylan Pursley25 dager siden

    I love you man. You make me laugh so damn hard

  • Terrell [official]
    Terrell [official]26 dager siden

    0:20 type of fighting stance is this lolll

  • Sypher Sortis
    Sypher Sortis27 dager siden

    "This man just shot lightning of out of his eyes. I'm... just gonna go back to my cereal."

  • lepa a
    lepa a27 dager siden


  • Maarvvoo !
    Maarvvoo !28 dager siden

    I love this dude!

  • Fabian Valle
    Fabian Valle28 dager siden

    Sub to my bro(ytnoah44king

  • Garou
    Garou28 dager siden

    They have some thin-ass blood

  • Night Paralysis
    Night Paralysis29 dager siden

    1:00 this is fine

  • Baolyn 09
    Baolyn 0929 dager siden

    He's lucky that they didn't use him to throw against each other

  • Mr. Lynn's World
    Mr. Lynn's World29 dager siden

    That's literally what they do when they just go back to normal afterwards LOL

  • 8-BitCola
    8-BitCola29 dager siden

    You know when things are flying at him at the end someones standing there with a bucket if items throwing stuff at em

  • gamer two
    gamer twoMåned siden

    He’s lucky he isn’t the old lady in the outworld market in mortal kombat x You can grab her and yeet her at your opponent

  • Chessy Copter
    Chessy CopterMåned siden

    The background characters on the terry stage in smash bros

  • Master Gamer
    Master GamerMåned siden

    And that's how you get Enlightened 😂

  • Gilded Hero
    Gilded HeroMåned siden

    Serving size is 1 cup...? I thought it was a whole box

  • Jathin reddy Panyam
    Jathin reddy PanyamMåned siden

    The last few seconds when the tune comes gets me all the time

  • Frank Rosen
    Frank RosenMåned siden

    "We don't pick the ballroom, we just DANCE."

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus JacksonMåned siden

    :51 when u realize how small you are in a life or death incident and by extension that u want none of it

  • Prime Motion
    Prime MotionMåned siden

    I was gonna lose it if they ended up using him as a background throw weapon

  • TheKelpie13
    TheKelpie13Måned siden

    I thought serving size was a whole box...

  • Vengeful Polititron
    Vengeful PolititronMåned siden

    Scariest thing you won't believe. I was a PC once. mocking all the NPCs around me. treated them like trash. Then the game... THEE Game Himself... put me low. made me lowest pc. but I tried to escape it and disobeyed HIM. now I'm the lowest of NPCs. I'm talking IRL. ask if you want to know. life is death now.

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear MinimumMåned siden

    Spoiler alert: he had the hole in his ceiling before the video...he just needed to raise the money to get it fixed.

  • O.G Rio
    O.G RioMåned siden

    So thats what it feels least it goes back to normal in the rematch.

  • Timothy Odeyale
    Timothy OdeyaleMåned siden

    Npc: ADSHDHIDSJBSESKI *Fighters turn around* *Npc's eyes glimmer with hope* Fighter 1: Wow the devs did a good job the npc actually reacts to us Fighter 2:Mhm Npc: -_-

  • Topher Bell
    Topher BellMåned siden

    Low key no hands Caleb's starting phrase was dope, thT character is definitely the cool hard to unlock charachter

  • Wybie
    WybieMåned siden

    Actually Sanji won

  • Mayank Mittal
    Mayank MittalMåned siden

    If Caleb was eating at the table then who was throwing all those stuff at the end... 😲

  • GLaSSesNOlenses
    GLaSSesNOlensesMåned siden

    Now LIGHTING GAZE! 😳>>>>>>>💺🥣

  • Santiago Jimenez
    Santiago JimenezMåned siden

    I see blood I thinks it’s mortal kombat

  • Swooshz
    SwooshzMåned siden

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that this actually looks super sick

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle ThompsonMåned siden

    You should make one about fighting games where clothes just fucking break off for no reason. Not even just clothes. Punch a dude with METAL ARMOR and that shit shatters!? The fuck!?

  • LeeStrive
    LeeStriveMåned siden

    When they let you throw the box at your npc

  • Isiah Gayle
    Isiah GayleMåned siden

    Liking your videos

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin ManMåned siden

    when some dude gets smacked though your ceiling, but instead of asking if he's ok, your worried about the ceiling

  • Angel Carmen
    Angel CarmenMåned siden

    The way he just gave up and sat back down 🤣🤣🤣

  • YEET Man
    YEET ManMåned siden

    watching this reminds of the outworld market from Mortal Kombat X where there is a old lady standing minding her business and suddenly she is thrown at a random person

  • Corretta gamejewels
    Corretta gamejewelsMåned siden

    Yeah, remind me to NEVER move to Calebcity. 😰😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nosetalgia
    NosetalgiaMåned siden

    Why this man just got water chilling

  • Survivor 29
    Survivor 29Måned siden

    0:42 K N E E Reminds me of superhuman interview

  • CJ Wynne
    CJ WynneMåned siden

    0:55 bru what?

  • Snorlax
    SnorlaxMåned siden

    I never follow serving sizes on cereal boxes lol

  • YouTube Vanced
    YouTube VancedMåned siden


  • Trentan Simpson
    Trentan SimpsonMåned siden

    Nah bruh this is mortal kombat in a nutshell YOU CAN LEGIT THROW PEOPLE

  • Stretch UnLimited
    Stretch UnLimitedMåned siden

    Wen the cereal got knocked off the table 💀☠💀

  • Krankwagon 1
    Krankwagon 1Måned siden

    A fighting game with all the calebcity characters would be lit

  • Sipzz
    SipzzMåned siden

    Perfect angle 0:18

  • BlackLight
    BlackLightMåned siden

    This is exactly how Street Fighter NPCS feel.

  • Inferno XVI
    Inferno XVIMåned siden

    I love how he can’t hold back his laughter. It made me laugh too

  • Battle droid MK12
    Battle droid MK12Måned siden

    Face mask

  • Cozyinn2
    Cozyinn2Måned siden

    Local man eats bowl of cereal, casually remakes the burning house dog scene.