An Old Spice ad (but also an actual video)


Old Spice's new NightPanther scent lasts ridiculously long and smells amazing, so I made a 100% accurate ad explaining that. #SponsoredObviously #SmellReadyForAnything
Find your scent of confidence at or at retailers nationwide.


  • Deep Sleep Sounds
    Deep Sleep Sounds11 timer siden

    That was the best commercial ive ever seen. It makes me mad that it makes me like old spice so much and its just a brand.

  • Michael Habib
    Michael Habib12 timer siden

    If all ads were like this, I'd remove my ad blocker!

  • Mtabi Makeci E.
    Mtabi Makeci E.14 timer siden


  • zicraftian
    zicraftian14 timer siden

    best sponsored video ever

  • ayo mexs
    ayo mexs21 time siden

    i got a old spice commercial at the end

  • ThatBroBot
    ThatBroBot22 timer siden

    Old Spice gives you wings

  • Advanced Game Brothers
    Advanced Game Brothers23 timer siden

    I use lynx and I smell Amazing or so my friends say

  • A E
    A EDag siden

    What is that piano song

  • Fastronaut
    FastronautDag siden

    Makes me sad because I left my Old Spice in the car this morning and it melted

  • SchoolofRockNRoll
    SchoolofRockNRollDag siden

    Oh shit its Yasuke

  • Your daily dose Of games
    Your daily dose Of gamesDag siden

    Bro did he just preform a tenet right there

  • Eddix X
    Eddix XDag siden

    I can’t be the only one that got an Old Spice add

  • Unique Marquez
    Unique MarquezDag siden

    Ima dislike it not because I actually dislike it but because there's 999 dislikes and we cant have that positive number being used in a negative sense

  • Greg Schoellhammer
    Greg SchoellhammerDag siden

    How much do sponsors usually pay?

  • JacobTRC
    JacobTRCDag siden

    That's antiperspirant, not deodorant

  • Jozier Master
    Jozier MasterDag siden

    More super hero interviews.....or even super villain interview

  • A Random Nigga
    A Random NiggaDag siden

    Anyone else get the old spice ad while they clicked on the video?

  • The Guy
    The GuyDag siden

    Theh yah goh

  • RayT8Y RayT8Y
    RayT8Y RayT8YDag siden

    Don't keep the devil waiting old friend


    If you get another one of these PLEASEEEE let me write the script!

  • Seb Quincy
    Seb QuincyDag siden

    Why aren't these the ads NOlocal forces me to watch

  • Jonathan Ellsworth
    Jonathan EllsworthDag siden


  • Adz
    AdzDag siden

    Oh ofc just a dream. *NO IT WASN'T!* lmaoo

  • Gage Landon
    Gage Landon2 dager siden

    This is actually Zeus’s backstory believe it or not

  • Dest 12
    Dest 122 dager siden

    Lmfaoooo I got an old spice ad before this video...

  • PH1Alex Adams
    PH1Alex Adams2 dager siden

    I wish you got the force from using old spice

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin2 dager siden

    Personally I'm a fan of wolfthorn

  • Gopher Yourself
    Gopher Yourself2 dager siden

    i died when the nike shoes were trying to be blurred

  • charlotte
    charlotte2 dager siden

    There was an old spice ad right before this video too-

  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero2 dager siden

    no it wadnt killed me

  • Sir Oinkster
    Sir Oinkster2 dager siden

    theirs one yhat smells like fruit punch

  • Logan Carpenter
    Logan Carpenter2 dager siden

    Yo I got an old spice ad before the video played! Lol

  • Nobody Asked
    Nobody Asked2 dager siden

    Funny how a old spice ad actually popped up when I clicked on this video.

  • QuinnDoesGames
    QuinnDoesGames2 dager siden

    If this was on youtube I would not skip it

  • Panda Life
    Panda Life2 dager siden

    Anyone else getting these coinbase ads

  • King Ghost
    King Ghost2 dager siden

    This ad changed my life

  • ShockNameYT
    ShockNameYT2 dager siden

    Better commercial than a muscular man lol

  • Harrambou
    Harrambou2 dager siden

    I bet T’Challa used it...😪

  • Wqnix **
    Wqnix **2 dager siden

    Makes a girl wanna buy deodorant

  • Alex Neon
    Alex Neon3 dager siden

    1:50 You’re face When you smell the white stuff

  • ed
    ed3 dager siden

    im not even joking i got an old spice ad

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter3 dager siden

    How are those blinds indestructible

  • Lake Life
    Lake Life3 dager siden

    I love this guy

  • Gaming Foxy
    Gaming Foxy3 dager siden

    Lmao, before this video started I got a Old Spice ad

    SHADOWTHSHADOW3 dager siden

    Bro how do I have an old spice ad right after the video

  • CloutAbout
    CloutAbout3 dager siden

    I had to turn this video up then down a whole lot of times lmao

  • Lance gordon
    Lance gordon3 dager siden

    as soon as the video was done i smell deotorant

  • King K.D.M
    King K.D.M3 dager siden

    0:46 it’s the LEGENDARY BOX BATTLE before it became legendary

  • Opy Dopey
    Opy Dopey3 dager siden

    Bro how did I get an old spice ad after this video tho😭

  • TheFocuslja
    TheFocuslja3 dager siden

    What is this FEEELLLINNG

  • Exstide
    Exstide3 dager siden

    Me: "Am I really gonna open a strange box that randomly showed up at my doorstep?" Also Me: YES

  • Wrath-_-
    Wrath-_-3 dager siden

    Ong I didn't even read the vid title (cuz y'know it's Caleb c'mon now..all vids bangers) then after seeing the whole vid I said "wow aha, this was like an old spice commercial *exits fullscreen*...ah"

  • I don't fist bump people like you.
    I don't fist bump people like you.3 dager siden

    I love everything about this ad.

  • James Gragan
    James Gragan3 dager siden

    Aye Caleb real quick, how do you feel about that toothbrush? I have the same exact toothbrush but I have missed feelings about it lowkey.

  • J. Uchiha
    J. Uchiha3 dager siden

    This man went full gon for a second.💪🤜💥

  • Mr. Magic
    Mr. Magic4 dager siden


  • SKG Mountain biking
    SKG Mountain biking4 dager siden

    Old spice is the best

  • IHP - Minecraft
    IHP - Minecraft4 dager siden

    Man if only ads were like this quality i would watch every single one of them

  • Fidji Sayao
    Fidji Sayao4 dager siden

    Now I want some old spice deo

  • Jon Powell
    Jon Powell4 dager siden

    I ended up buying this deodorant because of this video .. still waiting on the telekinesis

  • Lady NOC
    Lady NOC4 dager siden

    But whyyyyy??!!! Hahahhahha

  • jirenthegray
    jirenthegray4 dager siden

    When he started to fly I almost died lmfao

  • Smol Chungus
    Smol Chungus4 dager siden

    Well if you're gonna be _that_ persuasive...

  • 75hrtz
    75hrtz4 dager siden

    this is so weird, yet soooooo calebcity

  • Nate Samuels
    Nate Samuels4 dager siden


  • Steven Paul
    Steven Paul4 dager siden

    If this ad comes up when I'm watching a video..... I won't be mad

  • WR 245G
    WR 245G4 dager siden

    This is the only ad that I voluntarily watch

    BVEAGLE4 dager siden

    Whatever he’s getting paid. It’s not enough

  • Epic Fail
    Epic Fail4 dager siden

    Old spice is the only sponsor you should feel genuinly honored to be considered by

  • HyperUltima
    HyperUltima4 dager siden

    So basically old spice is drugs on steroids.

  • Game Clip King
    Game Clip King4 dager siden

    The fact that i actually get a old spice add after is just great

  • Imagination King
    Imagination King4 dager siden

    He is so extra lol

  • ThePrequel’sWereGood


    4 dager siden

    Yeah... the whole point of the video. Did... you understand the point of this video?

  • Blake Foster
    Blake Foster4 dager siden

    Yes, Old Spice is laced with drugs

  • Romirreon Leflore
    Romirreon Leflore4 dager siden

    When I say I'm going to only have one cookie 10 cookies later should I have one more 1:04

  • Dragolorian
    Dragolorian4 dager siden

    So... Smelling good made you a Jedi? Seems legit

  • JacksTip
    JacksTip4 dager siden

    Superbowl ad: Drake nah pose CalebCity ad: Drake yaaass pose

  • MShamir
    MShamir4 dager siden

    Who turned pff the lights to begin with? That package was clearly possed!!!!

  • Jack Kirkpatrick
    Jack Kirkpatrick4 dager siden


  • FuhQ
    FuhQ4 dager siden

    I literally got an Old Spice ad before the video started

  • Disgusted Trevor
    Disgusted Trevor4 dager siden

    WHAT IS THIS FEELING?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    DARTHSKATER74 dager siden


  • Minni
    Minni4 dager siden

    Best ad to ever exist

  • Chaotic Biomass
    Chaotic Biomass4 dager siden

    That chest was meant for Link, how is he going to beat a certain boss from a certain dungeon now? You doomed us all, without him equipped with the smell of Old Spice, Ganondorf is free to take reign over the world using his evil aroma products!

  • Squilly
    Squilly4 dager siden

    pls what is the song at the beginning it's so pretty

  • YoungBlood ShadowBlack14
    YoungBlood ShadowBlack144 dager siden

    But you getting a deodorant by someone is the biggest burn ever. Like dude you smell but I can't tell you so have this amazing deodorant

  • Rosalie & The Eeveelutions
    Rosalie & The Eeveelutions4 dager siden

    The way he said "no it wasn't" killed me

  • Gabriel marrero
    Gabriel marrero4 dager siden


  • Maliyah Cooksey
    Maliyah Cooksey5 dager siden

    His neighbors be like i saw him pit that box in front of his door does he need help 😂😂😂😂

  • A Seiso HoloSimp [The Last Grey Apostle]
    A Seiso HoloSimp [The Last Grey Apostle]5 dager siden

    Dad bought me Old Spice as a present, as this is basically my reaction. Like bruh it's the best thing I've ever smelled

  • leo Danslayer
    leo Danslayer5 dager siden

    Ur very Godly in editing.

  • Progodomega 69
    Progodomega 695 dager siden

    Everywhere he goes everyone starts floating 😂😂

  • Kitty The Nuisance
    Kitty The Nuisance5 dager siden

    “Notice anything different about me?” *longer hair, beard, has the force now, floating* “You smell amazing”

  • master of the dead
    master of the dead5 dager siden

    Am I the only one who fucking got an actual old spice ad before this video started

  • XxprettytimmyxX
    XxprettytimmyxX6 dager siden

    Why is this freaking ad one of his funniest videos 😂

  • Chad McNair
    Chad McNair6 dager siden

    If all ads were like this no one would skip an ad on NOlocal

  • 01 Adlawan Justin Laurence,
    01 Adlawan Justin Laurence,6 dager siden

    My ad before this vid was the axe body spray

  • Jezreel Joestar
    Jezreel Joestar6 dager siden

    I had an ad about axe.

  • Derp Turd
    Derp Turd6 dager siden

    From: Ted kaczynski

  • Giannis Akumpo
    Giannis Akumpo6 dager siden

    Why he blur out the nike sign on his shoes?

  • C. Staddon
    C. Staddon6 dager siden

    Honestly, his ads are the only ones I go out of my way to watch