RPG Game Logic

RPG Game Logic


  • Gruesome Silence
    Gruesome Silence5 timer siden

    Hold up but but did he block the sword strike with boxing gloves?💀💀

  • VenomBeetle
    VenomBeetle5 timer siden

    Would have been great transition to a LastPass sponsor

  • ᗰEI
    ᗰEI5 timer siden

    “DID YOU SEE THAaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!?!!” 🤣🤣😂😂 1:08

  • Crazy Plays
    Crazy Plays5 timer siden

    I do the last one

  • Kelvin Martins
    Kelvin Martins5 timer siden


  • Otoryu The Sound Dragon
    Otoryu The Sound Dragon5 timer siden

    I felt this at the molecular level. My DNA screaming.

  • Mr Language
    Mr Language5 timer siden

    1:33 *I managed to steal the key before I stole it* ............ .................... *yeah... it's big brain time*

  • Nyftl
    Nyftl5 timer siden

    Reminds me of For Honor

  • Drafteed
    Drafteed5 timer siden

    if this was a rhythm game, it would make sense

  • Darnell Banks
    Darnell Banks5 timer siden

    Aren't McChicken's like $1.29🤣

  • Jester D Clown
    Jester D Clown5 timer siden

    Man says, I took a nap right there *points*.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯🥇

  • Drafteed
    Drafteed5 timer siden

    calebcity is one of those people that have perfect wisdom teeth that don't need to be pulled

  • Vibexyツ
    Vibexyツ5 timer siden

    "this is just the first wave" aged well

  • Ciano G
    Ciano G5 timer siden

    That double straight up in the air kick though😂😂😂😂

  • Guizinhu
    Guizinhu5 timer siden

    0:06 This "HEY!" scared the crap out of me

  • Xman
    Xman5 timer siden

    If windows 98 was a person

    SKØRPION々5 timer siden

    Please make part 2 but with long duration of time

  • Max Levy
    Max Levy5 timer siden

    Why is he clipping his nails on the couch tho

  • ma. lourdes aure
    ma. lourdes aure5 timer siden

    This is literally the game "Manual Samuel"

  • first players 39
    first players 395 timer siden

    Imagine your parent dying and then they get stuck on the ground and their leg gets send to space

  • Tayelore Holland
    Tayelore Holland6 timer siden

    Why I got on two belts? 😂

  • Mo san
    Mo san6 timer siden

    How to save budget from fight scenes? Option 1: This Option 2: DBZ Option 3 (Not Recommended): SDS S3

  • Caleb Sharp
    Caleb Sharp6 timer siden

    john wick be like

  • ILHAN TheDiamondCrafter
    ILHAN TheDiamondCrafter6 timer siden

    This made me giggle so hard lol XD

  • N
    N6 timer siden

    Me in GTA

  • Amir Magar
    Amir Magar6 timer siden

    Well this is the best views to likes to dislikes ratio I’ve ever seen.

  • Red Kinda Sus
    Red Kinda Sus6 timer siden

    When the edibles start to kick in

  • AKRONM :
    AKRONM :6 timer siden

    Time Looooppp!!

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah6 timer siden

    Me: Calls friend to tell him he forgot his phone at my house *hears his phone ringing* “I’m so stupit”

  • Greg Sonnier
    Greg Sonnier6 timer siden

    Me any time I stub my toe - 2:21

  • KimzNotKimz
    KimzNotKimz6 timer siden


  • Cheese Kid2020
    Cheese Kid20206 timer siden

    So undoubtedly true

  • untitled goose account
    untitled goose account6 timer siden

    These are the two kids in primary school who both don't want to lose in the game.

  • Dakota Green
    Dakota Green6 timer siden


  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster6 timer siden

    The crossover with RDC World 😂

  • Levi
    Levi6 timer siden

    GG GG GG chat disabled for 1 second(s)

  • He Turns Himself Into A Pickle
    He Turns Himself Into A Pickle6 timer siden

    I'm too addicted with celeb skit that when I look at other characters of celeb I just think it's another person doing the skit with him

  • Gus The Rushh
    Gus The Rushh6 timer siden

    i love the muscle man voice tho

  • Lugh
    Lugh6 timer siden

    the schmix

  • bieltanman
    bieltanman6 timer siden

    game of thrones

  • The Future
    The Future6 timer siden

    Id been okay with being the girl though. lots of me time :X

  • Sergeant MacNuggets
    Sergeant MacNuggets6 timer siden

    I love how he destroy the evidence just to get his attention.

  • M g
    M g6 timer siden


  • CoffeeGuy
    CoffeeGuy6 timer siden

    I closed it .... Yeahhhhhhhhh

  • Zen Ki
    Zen Ki7 timer siden

    Alternative title: Batman if he had super powers

  • H i
    H i7 timer siden

    2:21 had 2 be the funniest

  • Terminator TV
    Terminator TV7 timer siden

    When I build my first home it's going to have a hidden room lol.

  • Zen Ki
    Zen Ki7 timer siden

    My girl: *won’t tell me what’s wrong and pouty* Me: what? My girl: nothing Me: WE NOT FINNA DO THIS My girl: apologize Me: 3:05

  • BadLukMax
    BadLukMax7 timer siden

    I did not see that coming.😂😂😂 Man I love your vids keep making more.👌

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy7 timer siden


  • Divine Dragonslayer
    Divine Dragonslayer7 timer siden

    "To end gender inequality i killed the same amount of people on both genders"

  • Lego Batman
    Lego Batman7 timer siden

    Wait if both caleb and his girl are at home, who gave birth?

  • SorableSet3D Animations
    SorableSet3D Animations7 timer siden

    This keeps happening to me tho so damn annoying.

  • Lego Batman
    Lego Batman7 timer siden

    I like how caleb does all of his skits by hinself

  • Arnel Arboleda
    Arnel Arboleda7 timer siden


  • SuperMaximGlitchy1's Channel
    SuperMaximGlitchy1's Channel7 timer siden

    they putted more work into the graphics than the controls

  • Mitsa Original
    Mitsa Original7 timer siden

    This is content at its best

  • William Collazo
    William Collazo7 timer siden

    As soon as the shirt ripped I lost it😂

  • in4mus85
    in4mus857 timer siden

    This basically any scene with Light and Matsuda in death note

  • Modern Mercenary
    Modern Mercenary7 timer siden

    "Is that a body on the floor right there?!" "........No." 😂😂 why did he think that would work??!

  • H i
    H i7 timer siden

    This kinda hurts 2 watch. Because it's my life when I'm trying to do anything online.

  • Shiny marshadow
    Shiny marshadow7 timer siden


  • ruomuy
    ruomuy7 timer siden

    Naruto in a nutshell

  • Phantomanchild
    Phantomanchild7 timer siden

    I wish to know the events that led to the making of this video.

  • Who am I?
    Who am I?7 timer siden

    In his mind: I've seen your faces, I'll not forget

  • Bailey Maule
    Bailey Maule8 timer siden

    This dude was getting beat so much that he broke the 3rd wall and talked straight to the camera

  • Edmund Martinez
    Edmund Martinez8 timer siden

    Bro I have the same vacuum

  • Anti 1 Training
    Anti 1 Training8 timer siden

    So basically Baki The Grappler hahahaha

  • Noman Habibi
    Noman Habibi8 timer siden

    Hunter X Hunter

  • signal
    signal8 timer siden

    step 8 message minors

  • Kryptus Year 1
    Kryptus Year 18 timer siden


  • PureSpirit
    PureSpirit8 timer siden

    My favorite youtuber

  • Samun Storay
    Samun Storay8 timer siden

    Rl craft:

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff8 timer siden

    Hey I'm here for the interview

  • Boooka
    Boooka8 timer siden

    this nigga really slid on that sean paul shit

  • Uncoded Hood
    Uncoded Hood8 timer siden


  • sky high
    sky high8 timer siden

    Wait how is he throwing those objects while we see him doing nothing

  • Nolimit Shawn
    Nolimit Shawn8 timer siden

    1:11 the sound of pure darkness and bottled up rage 💀

  • Kaito Yamazaki
    Kaito Yamazaki9 timer siden

    anyone know the last song He used when Austin found the body?

  • Aaron Hawley
    Aaron Hawley9 timer siden

    Really stirs the loins